Define a better user experience. Get it now.

Set up your environment for ease-of-use. You define your pages and favorites for reports & documents and more.  Make extraction, packing and delivery of content less labor-intensive. And automate some of your repeatable work.

In this webinar, see how Content Cloud helps business-lines tailor the experience to their needs.

Set up the environment that supports productivity

  • Set up the pages you want to see first
  • Create favorites of documents or reports
  • Share reports across groups & customize favorites
  • Automate repeatable tasks and workflows

Make use of data stored in other locations

  • Perform federated search across vendor neutral repositories
  • Extract data at the line, page or document level
  • Configure extraction and set up automated processes for extraction & delivery

Configure group level security

  • User content access
  • Data masking

Enjoy the video

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