Security & Compliance

Data Security – Protecting What Matters Most

Safeguard customer privacy and sensitive company information with robust encryption, dynamic data masking and user access filters.

Compliance changes. Our commitment to you doesn’t.

Stay a step ahead of shifts in compliance rules and regulations with our cutting-edge data security technology and support to address any compliance challenge. 

Stay current. Stay compliant.

Our data security software works with your existing system security to keep you compliant. It is continually updated to meet any available improvements in security tools and methodologies. 

A perfect record of security. 

We pride ourselves on security and the advanced features we offer some of the world’s largest and highly regulated institutions who trust us with their data and critical business functions. 

Security Confidence at the Highest Levels

To meet your needs, our fully-hosted solutions are provided in an ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified environment.

Systemware helps leading financial institution achieve compliance through a connected content ecosystem.

One of the world’s largest and most respected financial institutions with nearly 60 million customers and over $3 trillion in assets found itself challenged by its own success. Having grown organically and expanded via multiple acquisitions, the bank’s employees were struggling to manage, access, and deliver critical business information. This problem was starting to affect operations and regulatory compliance processes.

Better software. Better data security and compliance.

Secured Data Management

Maintain absolute control over who sees content. Define who can access information at the folder level, at the document level, and even down to the single line level within a document. Use powerful index and topic filter rules to limit what a user can see through role-based access. 

Security: Existing Authority

Have the power to integrate our data security software with your existing authentication methods. We help you enforce authorization by tailoring our software to fit any model of persmissioning you choose to implement.  

Content Compliance: Regulation Support

As new compliance rules emerge, such as GDPR and other federal and state level regulations, our software is tailored to satisfy those requirements. Stay current as you handle consumer requests, including the removal of content that is deemed out of compliance – without affecting or impacting the rest of the stored information. 

Regulatory Storage

Achieve cross-purpose regulation compliance to satisfy strict content maintenance and retention terms, including Write Once Read Many (WORM) write protection.

Comprehensive Data Masking

Utilize robust tools including user-defined security roles to mask PII and other sensitive customer information. Set parameters for granular level masking for select content such as account numbers, or a range of numbers and social security numbers within documents. 

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