Records Management

Streamlined Records Management System. Protecting Your Business.

Meet critical records requirements by extending your capabilities to current business processes, applications, and records repositories.

Manage records from creation to destruction. 

Set and schedule different retention and deletion policies for various document types and gain access to individual lines of content within – whether you are managing a million statements or a single line within a million-page file. Optimize your business’s efficiency with our advanced records management system.

Manage your records, your way.

Efficiently capture, store, and manage electronic records, while addressing today’s compliance issues by defining your own regulatory-specific policies. 

Access records you need, for as long as you need.

Create enterprise records management that works for you with event-based or time-based retention policies. Our software also supports many of our competitors’ document and record definition formats, creating extreme efficiency.

Better software. Better enterprise document management.

Records Destruction

Avoid risk and ensure the complete removal of documents or individual pieces of sensitive content from within as defined by personalized schedules and user parameters and based on document type. 

Records Categorization

Our records management solution dynamically sorts and categorizes documents and content for easy, efficient, and compliant retrieval. As you store data by type, such as accounts, communications or bookkeeping, our software manages storage to ensure content is retained for the legally defined time period.

Records Security

Our secure records management utilizes the highest grade of protection and follows all the latest regulations to guard against unauthorized access to sensitive information. 

Records Retention 

Retain and enforce retention policies for content. With time or event-based retention capabilities, you can keep content until a specified date or until a defined existing account status changes. 

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