The Easiest ECM Migration. None of the Disruption.

Our experience, tools, and methodology offer accelerated ECM migration utilized by some of the world’s largest organizations.

Transform your ECM from legacy to modern – faster.

By reducing the time it takes to migrate content from outdated ECM systems, we remove the data integrity and compliance risks associated with legacy systems. 

Zero downtime. Any time.

Our software is designed to allow your business to operate as usual during migration – with no disruption to your current ECM system.  

No ECM system is too big for us.

We have proven experience in migrating content to the Systemware platform from every major ECM system, meaning your organization can expedite your content’s time-to-value.

We can help you migrate from any legacy ECM solution.

Our experienced team of content services experts have migrated our customers from many of the top legacy ECM solution providers, maintaining the integrity of their content while minimizing disruption to their business – in weeks, not years.

Systemware helps leading fleet management provider migrate off ASG Mobius in less than two days.

A leading fleet management provider was facing a substantial price increase near the end of their license term and was forced to replace their ECM product, ASG Mobius. We partnered with the fleet management company to deliver a seamless legacy content migration from ASG Mobius in less than 2 days – with no disruption to business operations. 

Better software. Better ECM content migration.

Automated Migration Tools

Our software enables content to be seamlessly moved from your current system to ours. Our automated migration tools offer customizable options to allow data to be pulled proactively or when needed. This translates to less time required for moving your historical data to the Systemware platform. 

Repeatable Processes

Benefit from cost and time savings during migration. Our cloud migration software has been built on years of experience, ensuring repeatable tasks and extreme efficiency during migration.

Earlier Accessibility

Our parallel ECM migration capabilities allow you to migrate data from your mainframe or distributed system into our system and access the information you need – all while continuing to migrate the rest of your legacy content in the background. 

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