Business Process Automation Services That Move Your Business Forward.

Automate each of your repetitive content management tasks to
create efficiencies that accelerate growth across your enterprise.

Work smarter. Not harder.

Use automated business processing to reduce lengthy tasks to minutes and spend time previously used to search and extract to ideate, innovate and execute. Let Systemware automate business processes at your business or organization.

Less complexity. More efficiency. 

Let automated content management do the heavy lifting with editable scripts that enable you to streamline workflows and invest more time on new strategic projects and initiatives instead of repetitive tasks.

Automated flexibility.

Our data automation software can integrate with third-party applications to perform tasks within the Systemware platform such as report extraction and distribution, eliminating unnecessary activity revolving around content and data.

Better software. Better business process automation services.

Auto Report Delivery

Create personalized content reports in Excel, a combined PDF or a format of your choosing, and manage your daily tasks. Save time on regular search and validation tasks and have the reports sent to you featuring the specific information you need – down to a single line

Report Notifications

Our software is designed to automatically alert users when content has been extracted and when it is available to be reviewed.  

Bundle Reports

As reports are captured, the Systemware platform can collect and consolidate desired information from each report. Once the process is complete, users have the option of retrieving the content or having it sent to them directly. This feature facilitates compliance by providing only the specific data needed, satisfying regulatory requirements. 

Flexible API

Our robust software is designed to allow you to build your own automation capabilities on top of our platform. This enables you to customize your automation experience. 

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