Goodbye paper, hello Content Cloud!

How is it that whatever you make, you end up producing a ton of paper? We think that’s pretty silly too. That’s why we’ve got Content Cloud to help you manage all your information without all the paper.

  1. Automate to Eliminate

    Make Content Cloud perform paper heavy tasks at the push of a button by automating payment processing and information delivery.

  2. Spare the Ream

    When you’ve got to send one piece of information to someone, why send paper? Our line-level indexing lets you deliver exactly what’s needed digitally.

  3. Lock it Down

    How secure is information when it’s on paper all around the office? Not very. From the moment of capture, your information is encrypted and stored securely in Content Cloud.

  4. Prepare for Audit

    Configure content tracking for easy-to-read audit reports on demand, and set role permissions to protect confidential information for compliance.

  5. Address more than Paper

    Upgrade your information management systems to our hybrid intelligent content network to migrate information from multiple legacy systems and eliminate paper cross-talk.

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