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Information Management, Futurized

Improve how you connect to your information with Content Cloud.


Scan, crawl, monitor, pull, or receive information at any volume, fast.

You’ve got physical and digital documents, we’ve got Content Cloud. We capture and convert billions of documents, reports, metadata, even images and signatures so you can curate and distribute information to the right people, right now. Less clutter, more security, simpler searchability and delivery.

Get secure: No more important info lying around — lock and look it up in Content Cloud

Let us worry about it: we upload, you enjoy a cleaner desk

Cut time, stay sharp: align all content for quick, consistent, easy indexing and delivery

By 2020, 95% of video/image content will never be viewed by humans; instead, it will be vetted by machines that provide some degree of automated analysis.
AIIM 2016

Unprecedented access to new information across all systems. Whoa.

You can get past searching through physical documents with ECM, but you can go beyond searching for individual documents with Content Cloud. Find specific information within documents, pull all instances of what you’re looking for across your entire system (legacy products included), and view contextual content so you know more. You save time, your customer is served faster, everybody’s happy.

Find more than the document you want — have the specific piece of information

Do more: less time searching content, more time using information

Deliver information with precision and speed — get what you want in subseconds


Content Cloud acclimates to any information in any condition with intelligent workflows, saving you time and gaining accuracy.

Get a grip on all your information and learn what value you’ve been sitting on

Turn limiting ECM storage into an intuitive intelligent content network

Configure information management, optimize governance, and automate workflows


What you want, you get – what you don’t know, you will.

Finding what you want is great, but seeing the bigger picture is better. Content Cloud provides a look at relevant, contextual information, giving you what you’re looking for and what you should know about it in a flash. With a wider vision, you (and others) can curate a complete view for knowledge workers and decision makers to make better business decisions.

Provide context-centric and curated access to critical business information

Package and deliver ad-hoc or with a routine schedule

Improve customer service by delivering the right information every time

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