In a world of tagging, Content Cloud interrogates content.

Our object-oriented indexing technology is the core of our extreme volume content delivery.

A traditional indexed search typically produces a large number of possible matches, and users must often wade through dozens or hundreds of “results” to locate the intended information. For the corporate user, who most often needs fast access to very specific information, a traditional search is much like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

By contrast, today’s more advanced content management technologies apply multiple indexes and automated analysis to produce only the precise document and item needed. By organizing the haystack, this layered indexed approach puts very exact and granular information more quickly and efficiently into the hands of the business user.

It’s the difference between searching and finding.

Getting your information how and when you want it with this kind of indexing is appealing enough, but there’s more!

Apply unlimited index variables at multiple levels – from global to line

Combine index variables with reference to external third-party data

Deliver exact information from multiple content sources in the correct formats to the right people when they need it

Leveraging the Find Engine

Systemware’s find engine delivers greatly enhanced performance primarily through the use of multiple levels of indexing. This approach, which is far more detailed and comprehensive than traditional corporate indexes, acts as a layered table of contents to accelerate and focus find engine results.

Rapid Indexing

Systemware analyzes incoming data from structured and unstructured documents and to derive and automatically populate appropriate indexes. The find engine should support multiple local index variables, query constructions, and variable/value combinations. Multilevel indexing can support drill-down capabilities to deliver only those pages or lines that meet all criteria. The best systems also incorporate full-text search capabilities, direct access to archived media, and have the ability to create specific fast-access folders for key business or customer data.

Search All Data Types

Our find engine will support data captured from all structured and unstructured content including Office documents, email, print streams, scanned images, desktop files, and all other electronic content easily and effectively.

Index Security Levels

Systemware offers granular rights and roles even at the index level. Rest assured that your users will only see the content and metadata that they are authorized to see.

The Information You Need, When You Need it.

Systemware’s industry-leading indexing capabilities unlock valuable content regardless of where it exists — any content repository, email system, third-party application, database, and even social media site providing end users with a single point to securely and seamlessly find, view and analyze the high-value content.

Enterprise Find

Systemware provides a flexible repository for relationship metadata based on business rules established by the organization. Our integration capabilities with our service-oriented architecture can be used to link multiple repositories and index combinations within an enterprise. By issuing queries across these metadata repositories, businesses can search vast stores of information and return consolidated results to qualified users.

Locate Precise Information

Companies can select and segment important information within a document. By applying index upon index, companies can also drill down into a document to find and deliver very specific bits of data. By granting users very specific authorization to the various segments of a document, organizations can also use local indexing to enforce highly granular document security.

Focused Results Bring Measurable Benefits

In an enterprise environment, a true find engine delivers a number of benefits such as significant reductions in the time spent search and retrieving information, improved flow of information from data stores to customer service representatives, analysts, and corporate decision-makers, improved service performance and customer satisfaction, enhanced employee productivity and faster and better-informed executive decisions.

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