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Savings Through Deployment Flexibility

Content Cloud has the agility to not only manage petabytes of data in a scalable ecosystem, but in a platform that ensures continuous availability for business continuity.

With about 60 percent of IT spending going toward infrastructure and operations, it’s no surprise that companies looking for savings start with infrastructure. They want to increase storage savings, lower CPU consumption and, where possible, reduce network traffic. Content Cloud provides the deployment flexibility and compression capabilities that lead to significant savings.

Systemware solutions gave DTCC the ability to improve operational efficiencies, lower costs, and deliver an enhanced level of service to internal and external customers while addressing compliance and regulatory requirements.

Optimize IT Utilization

Having made extensive investments in mainframe technology, companies are looking for ways to use that technology in the most appropriate way while moving other functions to distributed platforms. Content Cloud provides a blended deployment that optimizes utilization of existing infrastructure.

Maximize Resources

Content Cloud reduces the cost and optimizes the utilization of expensive Mainframe resources resulting in an increase in storage savings, lower CPU consumption, and reduced network traffic through the compression of content on the most cost-appropriate platform.

Retrieve Content Rapidly

Our blended platform deployment optimizes IT and application performance. With Content Cloud, content is always online and available thus eliminating the latency related to retrieval of content.

Boost Content Storage

Content Cloud provides the ability to optimize storage options to control the platform where it is stored, level of compression and type of encryption.

Consolidate Content Silos & Repositories

Systemware Content Cloud – the single, secure solution for true enterprise content management –can replace a multitude of ECM solutions, such as IBM OnDemand, ASG Mobius, CA Bundl and more. This makes for fewer content silos and more streamlined operations.

Content From Any Platform to Any Platform

Systemware automatically replicates all content to another node. So should something happen to a primary Content Store you will seamlessly be switched to a secondary node, allowing continuous access to all content.

Active Failover

Systemware provides active/hot failover to a secondary node automatically. When appropriate, there is failback to the primary node or nodes. With system and content level replication, Content Cloud ensures uninterrupted operations and access, even in the event of a failure.

Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery

As content is created, it is being replicated throughout the content network. This means that should something happen to the primary content node, you can quickly and easily access all of your content.

Compress Content

Managing more content in less space provides lower storage costs, lower CPU consumption and reduced network traffic.

Tune Content Compression For Optimal Results

Apply different compression algorithms to different content types. In some cases, you can get 90% or more.

Access Compressed Content Efficiently

Compress and decompress content at the segment level, so you decompress only the content you need.

Streamline Content Network

Content can be regionally compressed before it is moved across the content network.

A Powerful Enterprise Content Platform

Systemware is not your typical ECM provider. Our comprehensive yet flexible content network lets you easily integrate, extend and customize a Content Cloud deployment. Systemware enables all your information — documents, applications as well as other content repositories — from across the enterprise to work together to improve productivity and efficiencies.

Easily Connect with Any Business Applications

With a common API to access any content from any platform, Systemware enables disparate sources to look and act as one, seamless system.

Extend Systemware to Address Additional Needs

With a catalog of existing content applications such as e-Statements and Records Management and add-on features such as Data Transforms, Optical Character Recognition and Legacy Archive Processor, the Content Cloud platform can be extended and configured to support specific needs.

Develop Platform Independent Applications

Content Cloud was designed to natively support deployments of content applications across both mainframe and distributed environments, making the best use of existing investments. Because Content Cloud can utilize either on-premise infrastructure or Systemware’s hosted environment, you get additional flexibility to manage your infrastructure cost and application access for end users.

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