Individualizing our technology offerings to our customers is a natural thing for us here at Systemware. That’s because our company (thanks to passionate leadership and constant innovation) embraces a culture that focuses on people–both customers and employees.

We bring to the table 30 years of ECM-focused experience, but that’s not the only reason we’re at the forefront of this rapidly changing industry. It’s Systemware’s unparalleled passion, commitment to integrity, and respect for individuals that’s allowing us to deliver the caliber of technology and services that we do.

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“Customer-obsessed” development and design

A term that’s often used to describe our team is “customer-obsessed.” It might sound a little bit intense, but what it really reveals is that every one of our business decisions from development to sales is made with our customers in mind.

What we can discern about the future of ECM is that individualization of the user experience is going to be a critical success factor for the market’s leading technologies, and Systemware is uniquely positioned to deliver on this. The technology discussed in a previous blog – our Enterprise Content Network (ECN) – was entirely a product of our customer-centric approach. Throughout our years of experience in this industry, we realized that the best way to meet the needs of our customers is to offer them software that is smart enough to adapt to whatever they need it to do. We aim to deliver ECM individualized.

This has been a differentiator for us in this market, and we are continuing to build upon our strategy to deliver the most rewarding ECM software that our customers can buy – and guide them to the ideal ECM strategy for their use cases.  Our business was founded upon a single passion: to help people find a better way to find and use information. On this we don’t compromise; if we cannot fully substantiate and support a product, we will not sell it to you. We’d rather bear the burden internally than place risk on our customers and their operations.

Engagement long past the point of sale

The effects of our customer obsession go beyond our individualized technology. Systemware’s reputation for customer satisfaction in service extends as far back as our company’s timeline. An essential characteristic to which this success is owed is our belief that engagement doesn’t stop when we close a deal. We stay close to the customer throughout our entire relationship with them. And this isn’t marketing speak; this is reality. When we close a sale, it’s just the beginning of our relationship with the customer.

ECM is a constantly changing space, subject to endless and often disruptive influences that are byproducts a new era of IT.  As an ECM provider, we feel these disturbances just as much as our customers do. That is why we develop partnerships with our clients, walking hand-in-hand with them through their content management journeys and tackling issues and market changes as they arise together.

“Be responsive and take care of the customer” – that’s a creed you’ll hear often from my father and Systemware founder and CEO, Dan Basso. This people-centric attitude is engraved into our culture, and I’m constantly blown away by the commitment, respect, and passion I see from Systemware employees every day. I’m immensely proud to be a part of an organization that not only builds and delivers technology that is optimized for a customer, but also offers the client unfailing support from experienced, dedicated professionals who continuously go above the call of duty to ensure customer success with our technology.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]