Migrate Off docuLynx and DRS DocHarbor with Simplicity and Ease

Content Cloud is a modern content services platform with unparalleled customer care and support.

Systemware’s proven migration process, is the combination of an experienced team of content management experts and robust tools refined over decades of helping enterprises move off of legacy ECM products. With our proprietary Legacy Archive Processor, content migration from docuLynx or DRS Imaging Services’ DocHarbor can happen in weeks, not months or years.

Modernize with Systemware Content Cloud

An enterprise content services platform for your entire organization

Deployment and Scalability

Deployment Flexibility

Content Cloud can be deployed on any infrastructure, from mainframe to on-premise and in the public cloud.

Modern User Experience

Access Content Cloud through an innovative accessible user interface, providing the modern user experience your customers and users expect.

Comprehensive Content Management

Find, extract, transform, and deliver any content in your organization, regardless of where it resides.

Dramatic Cost Savings

Save costs across your entire business, from storage savings, reducing infrastructure, and outsourcing services.

Compliance is Standard

Content Cloud satisfies current and future information governance requirements, such as the CCPA and the EU’s GDPR.

Take Advantage of Emerging Technologies

Enterprise level content services without enterprise infrastructure

Systemware Content Cloud fully supports a wide variety of public cloud-based deployments. These advanced capabilities enable organizations to utilize inexpensive cloud storage and reduce on-premise infrastructure footprints. Flexible options also allow for the deployment and hosting of certain services in the public cloud, while keeping others deployed on-premise as business initiatives dictate. Systemware offers fully hosted Content Cloud deployment models as well as a full suite of managed services allowing you to completely outsource a modern content services offering.

Safe and Secure with Content Cloud

Content, users, and processes remain secure in Content Cloud throughout their entire lifecycles. All content is encrypted when captured and stored in Content Cloud, as well as during data transmission. User security is provided in the form of rights and roles providing personalized access to content and data masking for sensitive information. Each of our hosting services are provided in an ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified environment.

Systemware Case Study - Fortune 100 Pharmacy Migrates Off ASG Mobius

Large Pharmacy Decommissions Legacy ECM with Speed and Accuracy

Systemware is a trusted partner to our customers. Like you, customers come first to us. We work to understand your priorities and provide tailorable interfaces to create exceptional experiences for your users and customers. But our support doesn’t stop with implementation. We work as an extension of your team to provide continuous in-house support and access. Systemware is privately held and we own and support all of our software.

Why Content Cloud Instead of docuLynx and DocHarbor

  • Step-by-step consultative migration process with Systemware’s Legacy Archive Processor
  • Modern capabilities and user experience

  • Deployment flexibility along with full support for the public cloud
  • Advanced indexing and faster search

  • Powerful built-in content transformation, extraction, and delivery

  • Dedicated partner with exceptional support

Don’t believe us? Give us a chance to show you how we can get you off docuLynx or DRS DocHarbor in seven weeks.