The reality of transforming your digital landscape is never going away. We will always need to adjust, build, develop, and strategize ways to stay ahead of emerging technologies. Data volumes are growing exponentially and there will always be a need to manage that data. All levels of all organizations are dealing with at least some amount of rouge content. Content that is not findable, not manageable, not governable, or not even digital.

According to Gartner, 91% of businesses are now involved in digital transformation, with 87% of management prioritizing digitalization.

Adoption of technologies that can provide high availability of your data, elasticity of your data, and automation of your processes is essential. A Content Services Platform (CSP) is the new gold standard for data platforms and enterprise content management. Not only do they provide transformative change, but they also come with the opportunities for micro services to further advance your investment.

Today, the technology exists to keep all data online and out of filing cabinets. So why are businesses still dealing with paper? It’s hard to say. Maybe the cost to transform, maybe it has more to do with the time commitment. The reality is though, that what you stand to gain mitigates each of those roadblocks.

Sometimes the first interaction you have with a customer could be healthcare forms, account forms, applications, or something similar. There is a huge separation in customer experience if you hand them a clipboard and pen over an iPad. Consumers are more and more demanding of better and safer experiences, especially when it comes to their private information. There is a threshold for what consumers and businesses alike are willing to put on paper and that grows smaller and smaller every year.

Transformation isn’t only paper to digital. It’s automation, productivity, elasticity, and availability. Retrieving data quickly and at the push of the button is the cornerstone to customer service. You can train reps all day, but if they can’t access what then need fast, you’re just going to be training them on how to apologize.

Part of what transformation can mean is migration. Moving your content onto and off of other storage devices can often mean your business processes all but halt. With the right provider though, you can minimize this interruption and maximize productivity moving forward. This process doesn’t have to be cumbersome, long or costly.

In today’s business having your data at your fingertips is just a necessity. You really can’t function at the top of your industry without advancements to your digital ecosystems. No matter your industry or department you will need to be able to find, capture, deliver and maintain your data in an intuitive way. With a comprehensive and built-to-suit content services platform you can not only fulfill your digital transformation needs today but also have the tools to grow into the future.

Modernization is an evolving goal. The best way to have lasting impact on your organization is to invest in technology that can grow with you as technology advances, and that is inherently modern because of its flexibility. Transforming old legacy systems into modern CSPs translates to innovation and growth without the setback of limited legacy ECM products. We are at a point in time where if you aren’t making your data work for you, it’s working against you.

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