Deployment Flexibility with Content Cloud

From small to large, Content Cloud can provide the right fit for your business.

Personalized choices to manage your content

Systemware Content Cloud was designed to provide ultimate deployment flexibility. Using a node-based architecture, Content Cloud can be deployed on any available infrastructure, from mainframe to the public cloud and any combination in-between. A Content Cloud deployment leaves the decision entirely up to the customer, enabling personalized choices that best leverage current environments for maximum cost savings and efficiency, while seamlessly connecting information resources. Content Cloud’s flexible options for deployment include:

  • A fully Systemware-hosted Content Cloud platform deployed to the public cloud provider of your choice
  • Cloud hosting provided by your organization

  • On-premise distributed infrastructure and storage

  • z/OS Mainframe or Client-Server installation
  • Legacy ECM and optical WORM systems

  • A combination of any of the above

Maximize infrastructure efficiency for your business

Maximize your infrastructure use

Most organizations have a wide variety of existing infrastructure they have acquired and implemented over the years, often containing critical business content. Systemware Content Cloud’s deployment flexibility is due to its unique architecture that allows your business to efficiently leverage infrastructure you intend to keep, sunset the aging or expensive systems no longer providing value, and greatly increase your content’s accessibility, regardless of where it resides.

Systemware Content Cloud can connect to or replace a multitude of existing ECM solutions, such as IBM Content Manager OnDemand, ASG Mobius, CA Bundl and View/Deliver, Datawatch and others. You can dramatically reduce the number of content silos with a single all-in-one platform.

Enterprises spend anywhere from

60% to 85%

on IT budgets to maintain
their infrastructures.


Enterprise Content Services Without Enterprise Infrastructure

Systemware can support your outsourcing or cloud initiatives with a completely hosted deployment model from Systemware.

No infrastructure costs

Fast time to market

Flexible pricing models

Effortless with automatic updates

With a fully hosted Content Cloud, organizations enjoy the same benefits and capabilities of our on-premise offerings, but without the strain and hassle of maintaining costly infrastructure and keeping multiple systems up to date with the latest technology advancements.

Content Cloud provides a fast installation process allowing your organization to be up and running on a hosted solution in days. With Content Cloud’s robust elasticity, organizations can scale their capacity up and down quickly as their needs or volume dictate.

Sound too good to be true? We get that a lot.

Let us prove it to you. We can easily create a proof of concept and show you what the future of your organization's content management looks like.

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