We’ve been using this space lately to discuss the exciting potential of digital mail and the Systemware Digital Mail Gateway. But digital mail is just one example of an output management capability that is increasingly in demand: the ability to capture, transform, package and deliver data as it’s needed.

Today, many know this as enterprise content management (ECM), which has its roots in output management. While those aims haven’t changed, seemingly everything else has, and organizations need a solution that’s built for the way we work today which is increasingly digital and mobile.

And the need for it is immense as organizations move statements, mortgage documentation, insurance policy and claims documents, customer correspondence, Explanations of Benefits (EOBs), monthly bills, warranties, registrations, government records and shareholder communications.

These solutions have to be responsive to a variety of process triggers: ad hoc, event driven, an external system request, a monitored folder, or based on a schedule. Delivery options can include email, a secure FTP, third-party application, file system, print, and CD. A good solution has to be able to handle all these scenarios.

One of our customers uses this particular output management technology to manage customer correspondences. APF print streams are split into individual documents, converted to PDFs, and packaged for delivery and use by other applications. While other uses of this output management technology include the delivery of select documents, and reports for auditors, statements for consumers, as well as transactions to applications or networks such as SWIFT Network.

Technology continues to change, but the goals are still the same. Managers of enterprise content need reliable delivery of critical documents with workflow efficiency at the lowest possible cost. And that’s what Systemware delivers.