Connect your content with one ECM platform that evolves with your business.

Your enterprise content services platform is a critical component in driving transformation, delivering differentiated products and services, and providing enhanced customer experiences. Fast, reliable access to information helps your organization solve problems and build unbreakable bonds with your employees and customers. Content Cloud is a content services platform that seamlessly connects content across your organization, so it’s easy to capture, manage, find, automate, and deliver to the right person at the right time.

Let Content Cloud put your content to work and modernize your content ecosystem:

  • Help your team locate, extract, and deliver information quickly and accurately.

  • Prepare for and remain in front of evolving compliance and security requirements.

  • Reduce your storage and software license costs.

Deployment Flexibility

On-Site or Hosted Deployment Options

Whether you are seeking an on-premise or Systemware hosted fully outsourced cloud solution, Systemware Content Cloud provides flexible deployment options for organizations. It is not uncommon for companies to have critical business content spread across a range of different repositories, for instance – private and public clouds, on-premise infrastructure, and aging legacy mediums such as mainframe and optical WORM data storage. Regardless of where your information resides now, or in the future, our all-in-one content services platform enables you to find and extract content across multiple connected systems through a single point of access. Systemware Content Cloud allows the information assets that power your organization to work together – seamlessly.

Content Cloud has the technical agility to easily adapt and integrate with converging technologies and the flexibility to deploy any individual piece of the system on the appropriate infrastructure to meet your changing business requirements. As a result, you have several options. Systemware offers a fully hosted Content Cloud solution deployed to the cloud provider of your choice. Or, perhaps your organization needs every service deployed on-premise but wants to utilize less expensive cloud storage. Maybe you need a fully hosted solution, except the customer data must be housed on-premise. A Content Cloud deployment leaves the decision up to the customers, enabling personalized choices that best fit your current digital ecosystem and unique business needs.

Content Cloud delivers features and functionality not found in any other enterprise content services platform:

Content Migration

Content Migration

Migrate your legacy content to Content Cloud with the unprecedented speed of Systemware’s proven Legacy Archive Processor.

Content Segmentation

Content Segmentation

Dynamically segment your large reports into individual documents and transform and deliver them in the desired format without altering the original content.

FInd Engine

Find Engine

Reduce storage space, lower cost, and decrease your reliance on a relational database with Systemware’s intelligent metadata storage, the Find Engine.

Advanced multi-level indexing

Advanced Multi-level Indexing

Eliminate the time you spend searching for information with the ability to automatically index metadata down to an individual line within a document.


Over 50% of organizations see automation of compliance and governance as a real game changer, but only one third are automating half their governance processes.

With Systemware’s Content Cloud, you can set retention times on content, set up rights and roles, encryption at rest and in motion as well as a leading edge content services foundation to help prepare for the compliance regulatory and security needs of the future.

You need an ECM Platform that can…


Everyday someone searches your enterprise content management system for a specific piece of information to solve a problem, answer a question, or deliver a service.

Content Cloud captures your content and automatically categorizes it with granular indexing capabilities allowing you to find and extract only the information you need within seconds.

With Content Cloud, you can use and assign an unlimited number of indexes to any document and index metadata down to an individual line within a document to improve how you handle different types of content – from large data streams to a desktop file.

Content Capture


Handle common content challenges from security to storage.

Content Cloud protects your information from both internal and external threats and helps you meet compliance regulations with data masking and controlled access to content. Content Cloud can also generate cost savings in storage costs with compression – some file types up to 90% – and cloud storage.

Manage Content


Don’t waste time searching for information. Spend time delivering better experiences.

Speed and accuracy: You need both from your content services platform. Content Cloud enables you to leverage indexing and federated search for fast, reliable access to information anytime, anywhere.

Locating content stored in multiple files and within legacy and third-party systems can slow down user productivity and hinder performance. Content Cloud connects and indexes siloed and legacy data to reduce the time you spend searching through documents, folders, and platforms.

Find Engine


Delegate routine and repetitive work to Content Cloud so your employees have time to focus on the strategic initiatives that drive business results.

New ideas and projects come to life when employees have the tools and technologies onto which they offload their time-consuming, manual tasks.

Content Cloud’s automation capabilities liberate your users from mundane tasks. With Content Cloud, you can empower your users and accelerate business processes with automated scripts for repeatable processes and enhance team collaboration with improved content workflows.

Content Automation


Transform and Deliver: Enhance the value of your content and reduce storage costs with a modern content services platform.

Content Cloud’s segmentation, extraction, and presentation capabilities enable you to simultaneously build better customer experiences and reduce storage costs with customized content that doesn’t require altering an original document or store multiple versions of a file.

Content Delivery

Best Business Partner One Could Ever Ask For

Systemware is extremely easy to work with. They are always there to immediately assist. They are continually asking for feedback and open to ideas for new features and functionality. At no point have we ever regretted our decision to partner with Systemware and in fact wish we had done it years sooner.

Vice President Product Management/Marketing, Services Industry

From Small to Large

Content Cloud can handle any information from the smallest department to an entire enterprise to optimize digital ecosystems and improve business.

A partner that can make it happen – and keep it happening

Having the right tool is only half the challenge of a successful technology solution. Systemware has been helping customers address their content challenges for nearly 40 years. Our team of experts have decades of experience helping customers like you. Systemware offers lifetime support to our customers, and we dedicate ourselves to being a valuable partner in your long-term business success.