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Content Cloud, Systemware’s Content Services Platform, can help you manage billions of documents and petabytes of data. Explore each capabilities topic for more information.

Find - Content Cloud Capabilities

Find & Retrieve

Quickly and accurately retrieve content
Utilize federated search to find content in multiple repositories at the same time (archived, legacy, distributed, 3rd party)
Structure data according to hierarchy (topic, business index) or documents
Configurable extraction templates, notes print extensions and text searches.
Create scripts that automate search and retrieval
Create individual or shared favorites to documents or reports
Access content at line page or report level
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Transform - Content Cloud Capabilities

Transform, Package, & Deliver

Transform and re-purpose content for delivery
Re-purpose structured and unstructured content into deliverables such PDF, CSV, AFP or XML
Use queries to filter the content before extraction, packaging and delivery
Extraction templates can dynamically transform text and AFP documents to comma-separated values
Add notes, local print extensions, text searches for AFP documents
Package multiple reports from different document versions into single PDF or zip
Define workflows to automate filtering, extraction, transformation, and distribution
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Business Intelligence - Content Cloud Capabilities

Business Intelligence

Enable information for reporting or analytics
Find and extract information for reports or audits
Federated search with business indexes, configurable extraction templates, notes print extensions and text searches.
Consolidate log files (transactions, jobs, system monitoring) for search and analysis
Ability to use XML output with the original image from OCR tools for image processing
Supports automatic indexing indexing field validation and/or manual validation based on metadata availability.
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New Business Intelligence Capabilities

Storage and Retention - Content Cloud Capabilities

Storage & Retention

Store data where it makes sense with time or event-based retention
Records management including file plans, event-based retention and physical file management
Share common resources once for more efficient storage of AFP for PDF presentation
Compress content to improve storage capacity
Restore (legacy, VTS) content once and store in distributed or cloud
Natively support cloud storage technology
Support S3, Centera
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New Storage Capabilities

Security and Compliance - Content Cloud Capabilities

Security & Compliance

Controlled access encryption, and compliance
Configure users, groups roles and filters to filter content based on user group rights
Encrypt content at rest and in motion
Meet regulatory compliance with data masking, data segmentation and encryption
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New Security Capabilities

Performance - Content Cloud Capabilities


Scalable to support billions of documents and petabytes of data
Horizontal and/or vertical expansion
Rapidly provision additional nodes to meet demand
Multi-threaded modular design and distributed components
Automatic replication of information across clustered nodes (High Availability)
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New Performance Capabilities

Flexible Deployment - Content Cloud Capabilities

Flexible Deployment

Distributed or hybrid environment to optimize utilization of existing infrastructure
Select distributed, cloud or mainframe in any combination
Optimize user experience using Systemware UI and/or API
Integrate into portals or other business applications seamlessly
Support for S3, Centera
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New Flexible Deployments Capabilities

Service and Support - Content Cloud Capabilities

Service, Management & Support

Customer service helps beyond deployment to maximize the value of Content Cloud
Administrative tools to manage and administer system
Business line level tools to manage and administer system (self-support)
Systemware customer support 24/7, 365 days
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Content compliance enhancements include data masking and data segmentation

  • Mask files without modifying original files – rules apply dynamically during retrieval
  • Ability to blur entire screen after inactivity (in seconds)
  • Access unmasked data including mouse-over capability
  • Apply rules to content and metadata
  • Masking supports AFP, PDF and text (ASCII or EBCDIC files)
  • Automatically and efficiently segment large data streams to facilitate event-based retention for compliance and security.
  • Segregate parts of the data-stream (or pdf) that are repetitive (resources) and store once to reduce storage requirements for AFP and PDF
  • Ability to hold objects based on document metadata (account number, customer name, card type, country, and region).
  • Data segmentation available for AFP, PDF and text (ASCII or EBCDIC) files.
  • Apply indexes at segment level and retrieve content at sub-segment level

Event-based retention

  • Create event-based retention to support content compliance

S3 Connector for Content Cloud

  • Uses the Amazon S3 API to manage physical content storage.
  • Use any S3-compatible device for content storage, giving you unparalleled flexibility for physical and cloud-based storage options.

Enhanced business indexes to support federated search

  • Arrange documents for accessibility in a business/group/type hierarchy to support business line needs, convenience and for security.
  • Configurable extraction templates – selected by index query at report, page or line level and corresponding results can be set to automatically download as CSV or XML;
  • Use JavaScript with extraction templates to dynamically transform text and AFP documents to comma-separated values format simplifying process for complex documents.
  • Add notes, local print extensions, text searches for AFP documents

Content Index Queue

  • Content Index Queue accepts the XML output with the original image from OCR tools to initiate image processing.
  • Supports automatic indexing, field validation and/or manual validation based on metadata availability.

Cloud manager updates including the following:

  • New “standby” Cloud Manager nodes for business continuity
  • Additional features for CAM designer and creation customer applications.

CMOD Connector Search Enhancements

  • Updated CMOD connector to seamlessly search metadata from IBM Content Manager OnDemand using the IBM OnDemand Web Enablement Kit Java APIs.
  • Retrieval, caching and management of requisite AFP resources.

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