Give your content (and business) a little bit of that presto-chango.

We say it a lot: Content Cloud was designed to work for everyone. Nothing proves that more than our applications. They define your interfaces and processes required to address specific needs. Actually, we should say, YOU define those things. Because you do. With our apps, of course. And they do some pretty incredible things that need to be seen to believed:

  1. Time Travel

    With typical information management vendors, defining document types usually take two weeks, which costs you even more money – with one of our Content Cloud apps, you can define types almost instantly.

  2. Move Mountains

    Complete several business processes flexibly by pulling content, tracking it internally, and self-serving to use that information how you need to.

  3. Forge Your Destiny

    Content Cloud has a lot of apps available for you to choose from, but if you need something even more specific, we’ve made it easy to build and implement an app yourself.

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