ECM is our passion

It’s what we’ve been doing for the last 40 years. Some really big names offer enterprise content management software; and so do some cloud-based newcomers. But when organizations look for the kind of content services platform with the functionality that Fortune 500 companies require, they need a company big enough to do the job and experienced enough to do it right.

Systemware, Inc. cultivates digital ecosystems with our award-winning platform, Content Cloud, a hybrid offering designed for enterprises and their people.

We empower digital workplaces by making them aware of their information’s value. This insight comes from our solutions that effectively and efficiently connect, manage, and enable billions of documents. Some of the largest financial, insurance, healthcare and retail organizations in the world rely on Content Cloud to transform their business.

We know companies have choices when it comes to ECM solutions.

Since Systemware is a privately owned business, our decisions are long-term and reflect the needs of our customers, not shareholders. We stay ahead of the information management curve through innovative expertise, renowned service, and products that modernize and advance organizations.

Here are six reasons to choose Systemware:

Market Leading Capabilities

No one offers better, more scalable solutions for high-volume capture, indexing, management, storage, and presentation of enterprise information. That’s why for decades, some of the biggest corporations in the world have depended on us.

Customer-centric Approach

Since Systemware is privately held, its leadership is able to make decisions based on the best interests of our customers. We are able to more quickly adjust to changes in customer requirements and the marketplace.

Unrivaled Customer Support

Systemware treats its customers as partners and is committed to addressing customer needs quickly and completely. When a customer calls into our help desk, his or her call is answered by a person, not a machine. Our support staffers have been with Systemware for an average of eight years. That kind of longevity allows our support staff to develop successful working relationships with customers.

We build what we sell

All Systemware products and components are designed and developed by our employees in the United States. Frustrations with contractors or offshore development? Not with Systemware.

Enterprise effectiveness

Since all products are developed by Systemware, they are designed to integrate seamlessly and work together. So there’s no crossing your fingers and hoping it works. Another benefit of developing all our products is that they are much easier to support.

ECM is our sole focus

Systemware is an ECM software company. It always has been and it always will be. We are committed to focusing solely on providing the very best ECM products available anywhere.

You not only buy a platform, you join the family.

Forty years ago founders Dan Basso, Allen Curl, and Michael Vander Linden built Systemware on service and people. To this day, such focus continues to satisfy customers and result in extraordinary employee retention. The core development team that built what became Content Cloud are still with us, which helps us keep our solutions and service consistent, and our team educated and innovative. Even in the beginning, Systemware knew what it wanted to be and the value it wanted to have. When you become a customer you become one of the family.

  • We will provide a level of SERVICE that is unsurpassed

  • We will exhibit INTEGRITY in all our dealings

  • We will treat each individual with utmost RESPECT

  • We will embrace INNOVATION to solve any problem

  • We will strive to have FUN in the pursuit of our goals.

“The family environment at Systemware only further emphasizes a level of comfort that makes work easy and fun.”

“Challenging problems to solve, work/life flexibility, creative thinking freedom, receptive peers, office space and technology, and a family room to recharge.”


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