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So, who’s ready for an audit?

We like to be rebellious too, but compliance in information management is something we’ve all got to do. Good thing we’ve got Content Cloud to help you do it well.

  1. First Things First

    From capture, secure storage is our first priority; Your entire database or specific fields of your choice are encrypted and stay that way, even while at rest.

  2. Be Prepared

    Let Content Cloud track and record user activity, then deliver that information to you in an audit report for the easiest audit you’ve ever had.

  3. Stay Protected

    Set permissions for roles to keep confidential information secure, and receive notifications when attempts to bypass security are made.

  4. Picture Perfect

    Keep records as they were the day they were archived with Content Cloud’s configurable multi-step approval workflow.

  5. Neat and Tidy

    Practice every day data cleanliness with retention criteria to delete or retire outdated content.

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