TransformCompliance Officer

Get smart about compliance with an intelligent content network.

Keeping your organization in shipshape isn’t simple, but according to our customers, we make it a lot easier. Think of Content Cloud as your deputy in your pursuit of truth, justice, and information management compliance.

  1. Oversight Simplified

    From the moment of capture, Content Cloud storage aligns with regulatory compliance, and you’ll have unprecedented access throughout your content’s lifecycle from a centralized system.

  2. Easy Does it

    Long messy audits are a thing of the past with audit tracking, simple searches, and easy-to-read audit reports.

  3. We’ve Got You Covered

    Set role permissions and receive notifications when attempts to bypass security are made.



Future Technology Be My Valentine

Our World Happens in the “Space Between” So Should Our Technologies…

I am passionate about businesses embracing and harnessing that beautiful space between the 1’s and 0’s, that statistical gray where cognitive, context, and AI can flourish. I love that soon in this lifetime we will see the impacts that quantum computing has on information management, emerging as a go to enabler of massive computations of data all at once, representing a seismic shift in the very way we compute. Hand me those rose colored glasses because (more…)

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