High Performance Enterprise Output Management

Output Management with Content Cloud

Enable Your Business to Succeed

Immediate access to focused information is vital for your organization to be a successful technology leader in today’s competitive market. Often, organizations have many large-scale and high-volume applications creating a vast variety of content, including mission critical information necessary for the operations driving your business. Without the appropriate management of this machine and application output, your business could be at risk of falling behind or out of compliance with information governance requirements and new data privacy legislation.


Output Management with Content Cloud

Systemware Content Cloud is our innovative content services platform. Content Cloud provides a high-performance, intelligent solution for your business to efficiently manage terabytes of enterprise information generated daily, from legacy billing systems, traditional mainframe applications, ERP systems, imaging systems, distributed or mainframe applications, and other back-office systems. Content Cloud delivers the exact content necessary to any of the various channels in your organization. either existing or new, such as email, print, secure web access, SFTP, HTTP, or any desired legacy mediums.

Why Content Cloud for Output Management?


All content captured into Content Cloud is secured and encrypted both during transit and when stored. Access is controlled with permissions granted through user groups and roles.


Content Cloud can integrate with any of your organization’s existing delivery channels, as well as provide the ability to support new channels based on emerging technologies, such as the public cloud and mobile devices.

Outsource you output management

Content Cloud can be deployed on a large variety of infrastructure types along with the option to implement as a managed service. Systemware has decades of EOM experience that you can leverage for your business.


Content Cloud’s advanced indexing Indexing in Content Cloud abilities enables any content to be findable and immediately available for your employees’ daily activities. The captured output file is stored, compressed, and managed in its original format for dramatic storage savings.


In many cases, there are numerous actions that need to take place on data derived from the output streams in your organization. Content Cloud’s intelligent automation features can satisfy those requirements automatically, without any user intervention.

Mainframe Support

Systemware has provided enterprise output management capabilities to organizations for almost 40 years, and we fully support the mainframe environment. Additionally, our SYSOUT/SYSLOG management software, JHS, allows for mainframe job management.

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30 Day Free Trial! We’re so confident that JHS can meet all of your output management needs, we would love to let you try it for free. If you are interested in giving JHS a try, just provide your email address here, or give us a call, 866-533-1514.

Reducing Costs with Content Cloud

Enterprise output management is a process that has existed since the advent of using computers to support businesses. Systemware has been a pioneer in innovation to the various processes involved in managing and enabling these large volumes of content. Content Cloud can help your business reduce costs and increase efficiency in your output management by:

  • Extract, Transform, and Deliver
    Using Content Cloud’s granular indexing, documents, pages, or even lines containing only the important data can be extracted, transformed into a desired format, and delivered to the appropriate channel automatically or on demand.

  • Efficient High-Performance Capture
    Content Cloud’s node-based architecture provides flexible scalability for increased capacity during higher volume time periods so your organization always has the needed capacity, without the waste of unused infrastructure.

  • Reduce or Eliminate Paper and Print
    Content Cloud can help support your organization’s initiatives to go paperless by providing many available digital delivery channels for your content. With indexing as granular as  the line-level, only important data from any number of documents can be extracted and combined to greatly reduce the print requirements.

  • Automation and Document Workflows
    Content Cloud’s output management capabilities can all be automated, routing documents and content to the proper user or channel based on the content metadata. End-users can automate mundane, repeatable tasks freeing hours that can be applied to more intensive or innovative solutions for your business.

  • Ease of Access
    Content Cloud’s browser-based user interface can be securely accessed from remote locations. This allows for administration and access of your important business content – anytime, anywhere.

  • Mainframe Job Support
    Systemware JHS (Job History System) can immediately notify administrators if there are errors in a mainframe job, allowing jobs to be resubmitted or rectified first, if necessary.

Integration with Legacy Systems

We encounter many organizations with enterprise output management needs that have a diverse digital ecosystem. Many organizations have several legacy ECM or EOM software solutions that lack the ability to successfully integrate with each other and often, the business users. Content Cloud has the technical agility to easily adapt and integrate with converging ECM technologies, allowing the management, security, and delivery of your enterprise content from a single point of access. Content can be captured and pulled into Content Cloud for management, or it can be left in place and accessed by Content Cloud. Regardless of where the content lives, Content Cloud provides the same seamless and secure access to all of your content for your entire organization.

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