A company is only as good as its people.

Say hi to our leadership.

Dan Basso

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Frankie Basso, President and COO

Frankie Basso

President and Chief Operating Officer

Ronald Denheyer

Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer

Michael VanderLinden

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Patrick Sheehan

Vice President, Development

David Basso

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Steven Carrillo

Vice President Support

Our Founders

Founders Dan Basso, Allen Curl, and Michael Vander Linden built Systemware on service and people. To this day, Systemware’s unwavering focus results in extraordinary employee retention and continued customer satisfaction. Even now, our core development team that built what is now Content Cloud are still with us. They keep our solutions and service consistent, and our team educated and innovative.

Around those values has grown a company that truly embodies family.

People stay

Systemware has a fun, family environment with outstanding employee satisfaction and retention. The real magic is in the culture around service to others and the support of our fellow teammates. We know that strong teams provide personal workplace satisfaction. Our employees have landed us on the Dallas Morning News’ Top 100 Places to Work list 11 times, along with a spot among the Wall Street Journal’s 2020 Best and Brightest Places to Work for in the Nation.

People help

Systemware has a long history of offering support for charitable causes, especially those that benefit children and our nation’s servicemen and women. We have participated in the Welcome Home a Hero program and supported Operation Gratitude, which has sent nearly 1 million care packages to service members, wounded warriors, and first responders. Employees have also given generously toward DFW Toys for Tots and Christmas-time donations of toys to patients at Dallas’ Children’s Medical Center.

People thrive

At Systemware, we are very proud of the creative and brilliant minds we work with daily. We encourage employees to explore their strengths and find rewarding career growth in an inclusive environment where they feel motivated to openly contribute creative ideas and new innovation. Systemware has just the right recipe of intelligent people, great products, a teamwork mentality with empowering peer support and a supportive leadership team to keep us moving forward together.

We keep our employees inspired with access to events, courses, and seminars that develop their industry expertise in order to help them reach their career goals.

Systemware supports our teammates who want to make their voices heard in the industry.

We believe our employees are our greatest assets. So we enthusiastically share and promote their professional blog entries, articles, speeches, and social media posts to reinforce our dedication to their development.


Imagine how your employees will feel when they see Content Cloud do the boring stuff for them.