Systemware’s award-winning content services platform, Content Cloud, was recently assessed by Nucleus Research — a global provider of case-based ROI analysis. ROI (return on investment) directly measures the amount of revenue a business is returned on an investment after calculating the cost of the purchase. In this report, Nucleus highlights areas of core challenges organizations are facing in the content management space with the recent shift to remote work environments. Included in these roadblocks is the critical need for content management solutions that support integration with external databases. This is an area in which many traditional ECM systems struggle to keep up. In contrast, Systemware Content Cloud has the technical agility to easily adapt and integrate with converging technologies, allowing organizations to securely connect people to their content, regardless of where it resides.

“Systemware’s flexible hybrid deployment options and singular source for content make it a timely and attractive option for those organizations struggling to find a solution that encompasses all of their data, regardless of its location.” -Nucleus Research

Using a node-based architecture, Content Cloud can be deployed on any available infrastructure, from mainframe to the public cloud and any combination in-between. A Content Cloud deployment leaves the decision entirely up to the customer, enabling personalized choices that best leverage current environments for maximum cost savings and efficiency, while seamlessly connecting information resources. Nucleus focused on 3 key benefit areas with a Systemware Content Cloud deployment including:

  • Increased Productivity:  Enhanced search capabilities through Systemware Content Cloud allow users to search across multiple data sources through a single point of access
  • Reduced Storage Costs:  Organizations that deploy Systemware Content Cloud can significantly reduce storage costs by compressing content at the discretion of the system administrator, which can reduce the storage space of an organizations content by up to 90%.
  • Increased Compliance:  Systemware Content Cloud includes functionality for data masking and controlled content access, reducing the risk of data breaches from both inside and outside an organization.

Read more about these key benefit areas and much more from the report in your free download now:

Nucleus Research: Systemware’s Singular Source for Content Management

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