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Fast Migration without Disruption

Five Warning Signs It’s Time to Ditch Your Legacy Document Management System

Whether you are modernizing your outdated ECM environment, providing access to content in legacy repositories, or addressing compliance vulnerabilities, Systemware Content Cloud can provide these capabilities and more – quickly, efficiently, and without disruption to your business.

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How Do We Do It?

Systemware Migration Process

Our proprietary migration process provides an efficient way to connect, access, and manage content stored in legacy ECM systems. Our proven migration strategy ensures your organization’s data integrity, business continuity, and fast time-to-market requirements are fully met – and exceeded.

5-Steps to Modernizing Your Legacy ECM

Data migration can be daunting, especially for the highly regulated industries where the stakes are higher. Systemware has a proven track record of helping such organizations navigate the migration from their legacy content system to Systemware with our time tested phased approach. Our experienced experts ensure a comprehensive and rapid end-to-end process, resulting in secure, uninterrupted business continuity and faster time-to-market.

Systemware Migration Process Product Sheet

Letting Go of Legacy

Whether you have an aging in-house content management system or outsource to a third-party with aging software, information is a critical asset for any organization and must be properly managed to maintain integrity and compliance. Organizations with in-house or outsourced legacy content management systems often see content migration as a challenging task that can potentially disrupt critical business processes and take years to complete. For these concerns and more, the path to a modern content services platform seems out of reach.

Don’t let the fear of moving forward keep you stuck in the past.

Systemware provides a fast migration strategy to move content from your legacy ECM systems or third-party provider to a modern content services platform – without disruption to your business. For decades, we have refined our proprietary conversion process that successfully migrates customers in weeks, not years, with no downtime or threat to data integrity. Our migration process includes the tools and methodology needed for a successful migration, and it is backed by a team of experienced content services professionals trusted by some of the world’s largest organizations.

We can help you migrate to Content Cloud from any legacy ECM solution.

Our experienced team of content services experts have migrated our customers from many of the top legacy ECM solution providers, maintaining the integrity of their content while minimizing disruption to their business – in weeks, not years.

Try JHS Free for 30 Days!

Simple Mainframe Job and Output Management

Systemware JHS is the industry-standard standalone SYSLOG and SYSOUT output management tool used by the largest IBM zSystems customers.

30 Day Free Trial! We’re so confident that JHS can meet all of your output management needs, we would love to let you try it for free. If you are interested in giving JHS a try, just provide your email address here, or give us a call, 866-533-1514.

Systemware helps leading fleet management provider migrate off ASG Mobius in less than two days

Systemware Case Study - Global Fleet Management Company Content Migration in Less Than 2 Days

A leading fleet management provider was challenged by a substantial price increase near the end of their license term, and decided to replace their ECM product, ASG Mobius. The fleet team reached out to Systemware for assistance.

Systemware has an extensive, proven history of successfully helping organizations of all industries quickly and efficiently convert and migrate high volumes of content from other ECM solutions. In this case study, see how Systemware partnered with the fleet management company to deliver a seamless content migration from ASG Mobius in less than 2 days – Without disruption.

44% of large organizations say legacy systems affect every, or most of their projects.

Ask yourself – How much is Legacy ECM holding your organization back?

Flexible and Fast Migration is the Standard With Content Cloud

Systemware provides a flexible and fast migration path that best suits your business needs and can help your organization  realize the benefits of a  modern content services platform in weeks.

Move at the speed of business

Content migration does not take years to complete. A Systemware migration strategy enables you to quickly upgrade your organization’s content management to a modern, flexible, compliant platform, and provide a better user experience for your customers – in weeks, not years.

Tailor your deployment

Organizations have varying circumstances and business requirements. No two situations are ever quite the same. Hybrid cloud offerings provide flexible deployment options for organizations, enabling choices when deciding on a solution to best fit your current digital ecosystem and personalized business needs.

The right team. The right tools. The right time.

Not all support is the same. At Systemware, we believe in our products and support a partnership with a shared focus towards success, and in doing so, deliver the peace of mind and exceptional customer support you deserve from your investment.

Mitigate risk and migrate with confidence

Systemware Content Cloud provides security features out of the box, such as data masking and encryption, to protect sensitive personal information from being accessed or shared by unauthorized users. Our solutions offer capabilities that help mitigate risks to satisfy current and future compliance requirements.

Sounds Too Good to be True?  Here is What Our Customers Say.

Kroger Case Study

Systemware’s customer care and problem-solving mindset helped the accounting group of Kroger automate its payroll report extraction – reducing year-end processing from 112 hours to three.

Anheuser Busch Case Study

Learn how Systemware partnered with Anheuser-Busch to meet their tight deadline and deliver a solid solution to their legacy problem without disruption – in 2 weeks.

Migrate Content on your terms

With a Systemware migration strategy, you have options. Each approach is customized to fit your unique business needs, is done seamlessly, and with transparency to your end-users.

Migrate content only when it’s accessed.

This option allows you to load your content metadata into Content Cloud, leaving the actual content stored on the legacy system. Legacy content can be searched in Content Cloud, and when accessed, the specific content is then automatically captured and managed in Content Cloud and removed from the legacy system.

Leave your content in place, and we’ll point to it.

Systemware can help organizations that want to leverage existing infrastructure or storage, and still benefit from a modern content services platform. Content Cloud can load the metadata and information related to your content allowing users to find it, and point to the content where it resides in its original location.

Move everything over at once.

Need to move everything? With this option for in-house systems, our team will load your document definitions, related information, and metadata into Content Cloud including retention schedules, usage, and audit data. We then capture your content into Content Cloud allowing you to decommission your legacy system(s). For outsourced third-party systems, our team will perform the same functions but also work with the third party to retrieve the content for processing.

Systemware Migration Process

The Path to Cost Savings Through
Modernization Begins with Migration

A modern content services platform can provide cost savings in a variety of ways, and the first step in the journey is through migration.

One Platform

Many organizations have multiple existing and legacy content management systems which introduce a wide variety of barriers when attempting to access content across different repositories. Content Cloud seamlessly connects your information assets, regardless of where it resides, allowing users to easily access, find, and collaborate on all your enterprise content, all from one place.

Reduce Legacy Platform Fees

Are you finding that your current content management system has fallen behind in terms of features and capabilities, yet license fees continue to rise? With Content Cloud, you can migrate off these aging systems quickly and escape the mounting licensing costs while greatly improving your user and customer experiences.

Get Compliant and Remain Compliant

If your organization is out of compliance or has trouble fulfilling audit requests, fees and costs can accumulate quickly. Often, legacy ECM systems cannot satisfy new information governance requirements making compliance difficult or impossible. A quick migration to Content Cloud allows you to mitigate that risk and future-proof your business.

Learn More About Converting Off
ASG Mobius and CA View/Deliver

ASG Mobius

ASG Mobius

Learn how Systemware partnered with Anheuser-Busch to meet their tight deadline and deliver a solid solution to their legacy problem without disruption – in 2 weeks.

CA View / CA Deliver

CA View / CA Deliver

Get a modern enterprise content services platform to improve your user experience in weeks, not years. We can seamlessly transition your business from CA View / Deliver while improving content management and access so you can begin saving money immediately.

Sound too good to be true? We get that a lot.

Let us prove it to you. We can easily create a proof of concept and show you what the future of your organization’s content management looks like.