Systemware JHS

Simple Mainframe Job and Output Management

Archive with Reports

View and Manage Your Mainframe Jobs with Ease

Systemware JHS, or Job History System, captures and manages mainframe job-oriented SYSLOG and SYSOUT for immediate access and secure, compliant storage. First released in 1983 for z/OS, JHS is a mature and robust solution that can run standalone, and is also integrated with Content Cloud, Systemware’s intelligent content services platform. In addition, JHS can be deployed as a managed service, providing immediate availability and the ease of access using a browser without the need for costly additional on-premise infrastructure.

What is SYSLOG and SYSOUT?

Mainframes typically run programs called jobs, and jobs create output in the form of logs, reports, messages, statuses, and even multimedia. Managing this job output manually can be cumbersome and time consuming – and costly, especially when printing to paper. JHS can collect this output, logically organize it for immediate access and delivery, and securely store it as long as necessary. JHS also regularly scans job messages to identify warnings and errors for quick response.

Immediate access to job output

Secure online availability to your mainframe SYSOUT

Reduction or elimination of paper printing and storage

Output management meeting all compliance needs

Quickly manage and mitigate problems

Actively scans jobs to identify issues immediately

Content Cloud Integration

Many JHS customers do not benefit from the modern content services offered by Content Cloud. However, JHS is fully implemented within Content Cloud, allowing the same robust feature set that provides the full output management capabilities, but through a modern browser-based UI that can be implemented on any infrastructure. JHS and Content Cloud together can provide content management for your entire enterprise ecosystem, from mainframe to the public cloud and everywhere in between, while delivering a user experience centered around simplicity and access.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings with JHS

Using JHS for mainframe output management needs can immediately begin to save your business time and money in several areas.

  • Drastic reduction or complete elimination of print and paper use for mainframe job output
  • Immediate notification and access to jobs that failed or otherwise need problem resolution
  • Security and encryption during transmission and storage to satisfy information governance requirements
  • Integration with Content Cloud allows JHS to be managed outside of the z/OS environment, eliminating the need for additional resources knowledgeable in that specific technology
  • Deployment flexibility allowing for information storage on any available infrastructure or even the public cloud

Don’t believe us? Give us a chance to show you how JHS works