IBM zSystems & Systemware

Modern Content Services Backed by the Power of IBM zSystems Technology.

A Balanced, Hybrid Approach

For over forty years, Systemware has invested in creating innovative software for IBM zSystems. Today, Systemware’s enterprise content services platform works seamlessly with all IBM zSystems technologies and provides additional efficiencies by using the powerful processing capabilities for jobs suited to this platform while offloading tasks and storage that can be accommodated using distributed systems..

The State of IBM zSystems

The IBM mainframe originally came to prominence not simply due to its overwhelming processing speed and power but, just as importantly, because of its hardened security, ability to scale, and unmatched reliability for mission-critical business applications. Because of these reasons, IBM zSystems mainframes are the standard for the financial services industry, evidenced by 92 of the world’s top 100 banks using zSystems for their core business processes. Many other content-heavy industries like insurance, government, and retail similarly see large IBM zSystems usage.

  • 8 out of the top 10 Insurers
  • 7 out of the top 10 global retailers
  • 67 of the Fortune 100
  • 4 out of the top 5 airlines
  • 8 out of the top 10 telcos

Systemware – Modern ECM and IBM Integration

The Systemware Platform works seamlessly with your zSystems environment and can immediately add a layer of content microservices, administration, and security along with a modern, browser-based user interface.

How We Help

Systemware provides a full suite of content services for IBM zSystems environments.


Capture content from across your information ecosystem.


Manage your data for document rights, roles, regulations, and compliance, end to end.


SFind the right data quickly and accurately.


Deliver the right content, to the right people, and in the right context.


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The Systemware Platform is the Only ECM You Need

In the field, we regularly encounter businesses that have multiple, different legacy ECM implementations that aren’t integrated with each other and are all vying for mainframe processing. Worse still, they’re typically accessible only through their own, often dated, client software. Today, users have become accustomed to a much better user experience than what was available decades ago. The Systemware Platform can consolidate any or all of your legacy ECM systems and provide your organization with the ease and cost savings of having a single vendor, the modern user experience that your users expect, and the ability to integrate with new and emerging technologies like the public cloud, all backed by the power of your IBM Z Platform.

Tune Your IBM zSystems for Efficiency

With Systemware, you can tune your IBM content management system to its maximum efficiency. Systemware’s node-based architecture can provide a seamless hybrid content services network ensuring that your IBM zSystems environment is working only on the most important jobs, with other business functions running on the infrastructure most suitable for them. Content Cloud nodes can run on the most common distributed platforms, including the public cloud, allowing the perfect blend of architectures for your business.

IBM zSystems Experts, Ready to Get Working

Systemware has been working with IBM for over forty years, and we have a team of mainframe experts ready for you to offload some or all of your content management needs. With any technology as long-lasting as IBM’s, the issue of an aging workforce can affect any business and can easily become a critical problem. We can provide a path forward with the content services available in Content Cloud as a managed service.

The Aging Workforce

We currently face an issue that is becoming bigger and more difficult to address.

JHS Product Sheet

Systemware JHS is the tool for flawless production and test job runs on the IBM zSystems platform.

Case Study – Top 5 Bank

Why one of the largest banks chose Systemware.

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