Migrate off ASG Mobius to Systemware in weeks with precision and without the pain.

Speed matters. Whether you have Mobius Infopac, ASG Mobius ViewDirect, ASG Mobius ViewDirect for Networks or ASG Mobius DocumentDirect, and whether you are managing documents, mainframe output, or OCR services, you can modernize faster with Systemware.

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Migrate off ASG Mobius ViewDirect with speed and accuracy

Learn how Systemware partnered with Anheuser-Busch to meet their tight deadline and deliver a solid solution to their legacy problem without disruption – in 2 weeks.

Systemware has a proven automated process, refined over the past four decades, that allows you to securely migrate to Content Cloud from other solution providers, such as ASG Mobius. Migrate at your pace and avoid the cost, time, and frustration of manual conversion. Our content migration projects are precise and can be done in weeks – not years.

A Systemware partnership with unparalleled support

Conversion Experts

Systemware’s conversion experts are skilled at converting companies from Mobius ViewDirect Infopac® on the mainframe and ASG Mobius ViewDirect for Networks®. Systemware’s proficiency, combined with our proprietary tools and processes, give us the knowledge to manage migration projects with minimal impact to your customers.

Tailored Service

Systemware is a trusted partner to our customers. Like you, customers come first to us. We work to understand your priorities and create tailorable interfaces for exceptional experiences. But our support doesn’t stop with implementation; we work as an extension of your team to provide continuous in-house support and access.

Convert without migrating

What if you could migrate off ASG Mobius ViewDirect® without moving your content? You can. You can replace Mobius without moving your content with our Legacy Archive Processor that converts your Mobius content on retrieval. Because there’s no need to migrate all your content before converting to Systemware Content Cloud, you recognize cost savings and usability improvements faster.

Content Cloud does more than Mobius

Modernize your
ECM Solution

  • Intuitive web-based interface
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Flexible deployment options—cloud, distributed, mainframe, or hybrid
  • Automate robotic processes, freeing time for real work rather than searching for information

Extract content online using your existing extraction templates

  • Convert your existing DocuAnalyzer or Monarch templates
  • Easily extract the data you need online without needing a PC-based tool
  • Make the analyst’s job easier by returning just the information you need
  • Line-level indexing returns just the content related to the customer, branch, or time period you’re searching

Find the right content

  • Find Engine gets you to the exact content you need quickly
  • Federated search across multiple content repositories
  • Retrieve specific lines out of a large report rather than full pages
  • Handle transactional content better, for faster and more automated retrieval process

Improve your ROI and Compliance

  • Reduce storage costs
  • Move processing off the mainframe
  • Affordable storage options and compression up to 90%
  • Encrypt your content in motion and at rest for security and compliance

How We Do It

What you get with Systemware

  • Dedicated partner with incredible support

  • Step-by-step consultative migration process with Systemware’s Legacy Archive Processor

  • Modern interface and capabilities with Systemware Content Cloud

  • Better indexing and faster search

  • Powerful built-in content transformation, extraction, and delivery

Don’t believe us? Give us a chance to show you how we can help you migrate off ASG Mobius in seven weeks.

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Simple Mainframe Job and Output Management

Systemware JHS is the industry-standard standalone SYSLOG and SYSOUT output management tool used by the largest IBM zSystems customers.

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