Systemware Content Server z/OS (Xptr), JHS compatibility with IBM z/OS

Systemware Content Server provides repositories for enterprise content integration and management.

These Content Server offerings include:

  • Systemware Content Server z/OS (Xptr)
  • Systemware Content Server DS (for distributed content servers on Windows and Unix platforms)
Release Level R52 R51
Current maintenance level: SW52T2 SW51T2
SMP installed: Yes Yes
License codes: Required Required

Release 4.2 Xptr, JHS support terminated December 31, 2014:

Support for Systemware Xptr and JHS Release 4.2, FMID SWJR420, TERMINATED on December 31, 2014, for all R4.2 products and options.
This includes: SW42J1-SW42J4, SW42K1-SW42K4, SW42L1-SW42L4,
SW42M1-SW42M3, SW42N1-SW42N4, SW42O1-SW42O4,
SW42P1-SW42P4, SW42Q1-SW42Q3, SW42R1-SW42R2, and SW42S1.
Systemware will continue to provide technical support, analyze software problems, and provide solutions to known problems, but will no longer create new PTFs to address software issues associated with these release levels or to accommodate new operating system influences or requirements.

If you are running any Systemware system at release level 4.2 (or earlier), you are strongly advised to upgrade to a supported release level as soon as possible.

Systemware Content Server z/OS (Xptr), JHS compatibility with IBM z/OS

Systemware products are compatible with IBM z/OS V2R2 with the following exception:

  • RACF mixed-case passwords.
    Please apply PTF SWJP253 for R510 and PTF SWJQ610 for R520 for RACF mixed-case passwords in z/OS V2R2. If you need help, you can contact Systemware Customer Support at 972-239-2803 or

For information about IBM z/OS availability and end-of-service dates, refer to this IBM site: z/OS end-of-service dates

Links to IBM’s “software developers supporting z/OS…” sites:
IBM z/OS V2R2    IBM z/OS V2R1    IBM z/OS V1R13
(Note: These links now take you to a general z/OS products index page where you will find the links to these specific “Vendor software products for z/OS” releases at the bottom of the page.)

IBM z/OS compatibility was proven on the following Systemware maintenance levels:

Release 5.2.0: SW52T2
Release 5.1.0: SW51T2

(Note: For Systemware releases older than these, please call Systemware Customer Support at 972-239-2803. You can email technical support questions to

Fix for IBM z/OS V1.13 problems with JES2 SPOOL migration:

A fix for IBM z/OS V1.13 is available for IBM APAR OA37332, which includes various problems discovered during extended testing of JES SPOOL migration. For example, after upgrade to z/OS V1.13, the Systemware JHS J20 panel display may be missing step name values for some files.

You can view details about the problems and corrections, as well as download the fix for this APAR from this IBM site:

Fix for potential exposure for undetected loss of data or dataset corruption for DFSMS VSAM/RLS users on z/OS V1.13:

A fix for IBM z/OS V1.13 is available for IBM APAR OA40253, which involves a potential exposure for undetected loss of data or dataset corruption for DFSMS VSAM/RLS users on z/OS V1.13. View APAR OA40253 on the IBM site for additional information and actions to determine exposure. There is a link at the top of that page to obtain the fix for APAR OA40253.
Users affected: All z/OS 1.13 (HDZ1D10) VSAM/RLS users who are sequentially erasing records from a KSDS while simultaneously updating records via a concurrent request.
Products affected: z/OS 1.13 DFSMS VSAM/RLS (HDZ1D10)
Description: It is possible for an inserted or updated record to be unintentionally erased or down-leveled if concurrent RLS access of a KSDS has sequential erase activity and inserts/updates taking place at the same time. In order for data to be lost, at least one sequential erase must remove all records in a CI (control interval), such that CI reclaim is initiated for that CI. Subsequent sequential requests may then overlay other updates to the dataset, causing the previously updated records to be lost. The job that updated the record may not receive an error indication, or may receive unexpected logic errors such as “record not found.” EXAMINE may also report key sequence errors.

Additional Systemware software products provide Windows, Unix, and Web interfaces with Systemware z/OS-compatible software. Refer to options on the main menu of the customer information portal site for details about Systemware software products and features.

You can find referenced Systemware maintenance on the Systemware FTP server. If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact Customer Support at 972-239-2803 or