Systemware Xptr – The PowerServer

Automated Report and Output Management for the Mainframe

For over forty years, Systemware has played an important role in the digital journey from document management to enterprise content management (ECM), and today – as an industry leading content services provider (ECS).

In the early years, as the need for content management spread throughout enterprises, Systemware identified important customer requirements that extended beyond the scope of our original document management solution, JHS (Job History System) – the first of its kind available on the market to allow visibility, management, and reporting for mainframe job SYSOUT and SYSLOGs. JHS served as the foundation for the development of Xptr.

Xptr was introduced by Systemware in 1988. Xptr was our first IBM z/OS solution to manage enterprise mainframe content, known today as Content Server. Xptr redefined enterprise report and output management for the mainframe and was created to address changing market dynamics and expand system capabilities for the increasing needs of our customers. Before Xptr, reports were generated, printed, and manually distributed. The increased demand for more timely, accurate, and secure information was met – and exceeded, with Xptr.

Xptr can be deployed natively on the mainframe in the IBM zSystems environment or on distributed systems such as Windows and Linux.

Advanced Capture and Retrieval

Multi-threaded capture and retrieval capabilities to efficiently manage large volumes of content.

In-house Support for Multiple Environments

Onsite mainframe, cloud, and distributed platform experts dedicated to your cause, 24×7 for IBM zSystems, Linux, Unix, Microsoft Windows.

Report Bundling and Document Distribution

Scheduled and on-demand report distribution for efficient delivery to one or more users, in any output medium.

Powerful Indexing

Multi-level granular indexing at report, page, and line-level enables users to quickly find the exact content needed.

Robust Security

Secure access with Xptr’s internal security, your existing systems, or any of the industry standard security systems (ex: RACF, ACF2, Top Secret)

Full-scale Document Support

Manage, access, and store all document types – AFP, EBC, PDF, Xerox, Office, and more.

Efficient Archiving

Report archiving is fully automated with support for a hierarchy of storage media, ensuring reports are always available to view or reprint.

Legacy Archive Processor (LAP)

The LAP provides access to reports archived by other ECM solutions for cost savings during a content conversion project.

Print Queues

Allows users to reprint archived content using background processing directly from the archive media.

Work Queues

Facilitate information research and customer support applications by placing document versions requiring action into individual or group work queues.

Output Flexibility

Allows report distribution through any device or medium, including full support for AFP and DJDE printers.

Global Index

Global indexing bridges the gap between applications and expands the boundaries of information searching across reports.

Every Systemware Customer is Unique

At Systemware, we service organizations of all industries and value the diverse systems and environments in our customer base. Companies have varying circumstances, infrastructure, and business requirements. We design our solutions with the flexibility to provide personalized choices that best fit each customer’s unique situation.

As a pioneer in enterprise content management (ECM), Systemware has a wide variety of proven software products and tools to address the issues affecting our customers so they can achieve their strategic initiatives. Among those proven products is Xptr – a valuable technology asset that has been refined over the past four decades and still being successfully implemented today.

Xptr and Content Cloud

Efficient, reliable information delivery is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Xptr is a proven performance leader in automated output management for the mainframe. Features such as online viewing, security integration, data mining, automated distribution, archive, and retrieval make up the Xptr foundation

Over time, Xptr has evolved to be the robust and streamlined mainframe component and represents a vertical slice of powerful functionality in our content services platform, Systemware Content Cloud.

Systemware Content Cloud utilizes a node-based architecture, allowing organizations to implement only the services you need, while adding efficiencies to your entire content ecosystem. Using Xptr as a bridge to a full Content Cloud implementation has allowed Systemware to perform several lightning-fast content migrations from legacy ECM systems, providing profound cost savings and greatly exceeding customer expectations.