Systemware Content CloudLots of companies spend January talking about their incremental goals for the New Year. At Systemware we’re planning a revolution. That’s the word I used last week at our annual company-wide kickoff meeting, and it’s what I expect from our new approach to content storage, management and access: the Systemware Content Cloud.

With the Systemware Content Cloud, we truly are leading the way toward the next generation of enterprise content management. The Systemware Content Cloud is an integrated enterprise content network consisting of distributed and/or centralized servers that enables organizations to maximize the value of all of their enterprise content by providing security, speed and savings. Because it is a private cloud and implemented safely within the corporate firewall, the Systemware Content Cloud provides corporations with greater accessibility as well as superior control over their data, ensuring reliability, availability, security and resiliency.

We created the Systemware Content Cloud because we believe the time for incremental improvements is long past. We believe that to thrive in this new economy, both Systemware and our customers and prospects, must embrace revolutionary thinking.  We reject the notion of “Can’t,” because we have a solution to an extremely complex problem that has baffled us all for 40 years: the efficient and effective management and delivery of massive amounts of unstructured information.

‘We’re going to take the lead’

We have united around this single purpose. This is truly a revolution on par with some of the most innovative ideas of our time. We have redefined ECM. With the Systemware Content Cloud, we are poised to assume leadership in our market and establish a new normal.

No longer will status quo be acceptable. No longer will we stand back watching our prospects and customers wasting resources with ineffective and duplicative systems – even our own. We’re taking the lead.

We understand that leadership comes at a price. When you’re out in front, you have nothing to guide you. There is no established path and no landmarks by which we can measure the progress. We will make our own way.

But we are precisely positioned in a place that can result in enormous success. To make it happen requires that we accept substantial risk. To make it happen we must not be afraid to challenge conventional wisdom. To make it happen we must not be afraid to go it alone.

‘We’re focused on innovation’

It’s certainly not necessary to innovate to exist. If we were the kind of people who were satisfied with just existing, we could take the easy road. We could emulate what others have done to be successful. There are companies that follow that path and achieve financial success.

But we’re not that kind of company. We’re not comfortable just existing. We’re not comfortable achieving someone else’s definition of success. We’re focused on innovation. We want to be different. We want to be known as creators.

We have never wanted to be the largest, only the best. With the Systemware Content Cloud, we’ve done the hard work. We’ve created something unique and astounding. Now we can set a new standard that others will scramble to imitate.

This is our year. We’re starting a revolution. And while changing the world isn’t easy, it sure is fun.