woman working at deskOur company-wide focus on Systemware Content Cloud is certainly no secret, but few people outside of our organization are likely aware of all the good ideas people here have been developing around that new approach to content storage and access. Many of them now are being brought together in our new Content Cloud Manager, announced this week as part of Content Integrator Version 4.14.

The Content Cloud Manager ultimately will provide visibility into all aspects of a Systemware Content Cloud deployment. It will control installation, configuration, monitoring, logging and operation. With it, users have the ability to send commands to Content Cloud nodes and display the status and results. The new Content Cloud Manager Agent, an application that runs on distributed Content Cloud machines, is the conduit for activity from the centralized Content Cloud Manager.

A big step forward for Systemware Content Cloud, the Content Cloud Manager gives an organization complete accessibility to its Content Cloud deployment, control of the entire system, and the ability to perform proactive monitoring. It’s akin to a command center for Content Cloud.

The new release of Content Integrator also provides enhancements to our Content Navigator, Content Packager and Records Manager offerings. Highlights include:

  • A Content Application Module Creator that facilitates and simplifies the creation of custom, business-specific content applications.  The CAM Creator walks through a logical series of interactive questions with subsequent questions based on earlier responses.  Once all of the requisite information is gathered, the CAM is created and can be automatically installed.
  • Enhancements to Content Navigator.  A new View in New Window action supports viewing content in multiple browser windows. There is new dialog to specify page ranges for downloads and an updated search results grid for overall system consistency. Users now are able to find content based on report information and index values from the standard search screen. This provides a simplified interface and an easy conversion path from traditional small- and medium-scale global indexes.
  • Enhancements to Enterprise Index. The same actions available from the Content Navigator now are available from Enterprise Index. The viewer header has been modified to provide index and report information; and there is new dialog to specify page ranges for downloads.
  • New support for the ability of Content Packager to manage and limit package sizes by item count and number of bytes.
  • Several new features and enhancements to the Records Manager Content Application Module. There now is two-stage record-filing support for the Microsoft Office Add-in, support retention schedules for documents as well as records, and a simplified process for configuring client-specific record metadata fields.

Software and documentation for this release are available from the Systemware Customer Information Portal. Those without portal access can contact Systemware customer support by phone at 972-239-2803 or by email at techsupport@systemware.com.