When choosing how to manage large amounts of data, the move to cloud environments has become a popular choice among many organizations for a variety of different reasons – cost, flexibility and scalability, just to name a few. Although beneficial, the managing of such deployments can sometimes become tricky and cumbersome, much like traditional distributed environments. This pain-point has become a central focus of many users in cloud environments and with data protection as a top priority, companies are becoming increasingly aware of the risks associated with antiquated processes. If only there was a way to just keep it simple?

Beyond Content Management

Systemware Content Cloud is a content management solution that took these areas of pain seriously and was designed with the user in mind. Content Cloud enables users to find and extract information anywhere, anytime and from any stored location, connecting legacy and distributed information across your organization, and delivering a personalized experience from behind a robust and flexible user interface. The management of activity for these systems was built around a solid commitment to keeping it simple.

Systemware Cloud Manager

Systemware Cloud Manager is the hub to all Content Cloud activity. It is a browser-based user interface that provides a single place to configure, monitor, and maintain every aspect of a Content Cloud environment. In our latest Webinar, we step through this ease of manageability. You will get an overview of the capabilities for administration at both the the business line level, such as deploying Content Cloud applications and application level security, as well as the enterprise level such as:

  • Deploying the system and manage upgrades
  • Enterprise level security
  • Monitor Health (alerts, measurements, trends and more)
  • Configure for resilience (High Availability/Failover)

View the Webinar here, On-Demand: Administration made simpler with Systemware Content Cloud Manager for Admins.

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