Anyone in business will agree, content compliance is a big deal, especially in highly regulated industries such as Finance and Healthcare. Compliance is in place to ensure companies follow laws, regulations and act responsibly by enforcing standards and good ethical practices. Failing to maintain proper compliance can result in steep fines and legal costs, so it’s no surprise organizations take it very seriously, as they should.

In our first webinar of this series, we discussed Digital Transformation and Modernization initiatives with Systemware Content Cloud.  And compliance is one of the big drivers to change for most organizations.

In Series 2, we took a closer look at compliance. Many organizations have silos of data, systems that don’t speak to each other or require a lot of customization and report building to share information – all kludged together. There is an elephant in the room that nobody wants to mention, but everyone knows is there. And it’s just a matter of time before compliance will certainly expose it.

Minimize Worry Over Risk and Exposure with Systemware Content Compliance

In this webinar, we covered the latest in security and compliance with Systemware Content Cloud. Gain a better understanding of how you can ensure content compliance and securely find, extract, transform and deliver time-sensitive, critical content.

Find out how you can meet requirements for auditing and more easily answer any questions about content compliance matters when you know exactly how users access and share content across your organization.  Feel confident that your storage and retention meets regulatory requirements.

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