This month marks the release of the latest Industry Watch research from AIIM, underwritten by Systemware. In this edition, you’ll learn where the path to paperless is leading and what you can expect to encounter on your way to a fully digital workspace.

Before you dive into weighing pros and cons of adopting an ECM system to alleviate any reliance on paper, examine how you work with hardcopy information. Here are three questions whose answers can help you gain a clear view on how much paper you handle and how it affects your day-to-day operations.

Where does paper enter your business and processes?
To keep things manageable, narrow your focus to one process at a time. Then, document where paper enters your process…just try to avoid creating more paper-based information while you do that.

Where do your processes slowdown? Why?
Okay, this is kind of two questions, but you get it. As you identify where paper enters your business and processes, you might discover process slowdowns along the way. If paper has anything to do with it, take note!

What would things be like without paper?
Paper may be in more processes than you’re aware of. Dig in and ask around about reliance on paper. You might find that a paperless approach will benefit everyone involved, from worker to customer. Examine opportunities to enhance customer response times and the customer experience, and save your office money.

Now what should you do after you’ve answered these questions? You’ll have to check out the Industry Watch to find out!

Learn more on paper free trends in the latest Industry Watch paper from AIIM and Systemware on the state of paperless workplaces, “Paper Free – Are We There Yet?”

When you’re ready to take your organization into paperless territory, schedule a consultation with us to get started!