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The Gartner MQ: Where’s Systemware this year?

It’s that time again – Gartner has released their latest Magic Quadrant (MQ). This is the time when the major players in ECM learn and compare their standing in the industry. So where’s Systemware? Actually, you won’t find us on the MQ this year.

Gartner explains, “[Systemware] did not submit a completed Magic Quadrant vendor survey for 2016.” The truth is, we didn’t respond at all. We chose not to respond to this year’s Gartner MQ because ECM suggests too many boundaries. Systemware has never been a company to limit ourselves, and our focus is on developing technologies and serving the marketplace as parts of a digital ecosystem. This vision is beyond the scope of the traditional ECM market, and we couldn’t represent our future-facing intelligent content network, Content Cloud, in a quadrant with a shelf life. For several years, we’ve seen all facets of our industry face drastic transformations. We know the marketplace is broader than first and second generation ECM.

We’re excited to help drive businesses into the future of digital ecosystems. Our intelligent content network transcends firewalls to connect people and enterprises to curated information in the context of their work. You can read more of our thoughts on the MQ and where the industry’s headed in the newsletter below with Gartner.

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