Dallas-based content services platform provider announces product update that delivers improved accessibility, efficiency and security, including role-based data masking, critical for improved protection and management of personal data

DALLAS, TX (January 23, 2019) – Systemware, a pioneer in the content services platform provider industry, has announced that their newest platform release, Content Cloud 6.3, is available to all new and existing customers. The exciting 6.3 update provides new features that improve the overall user experience, and addresses many critical issues found in organizations today, including: large amounts of customer input and data; sizable amounts of output generated for customers; and, storage of highly-sensitive customer data. These three key areas can potentially create a maelstrom of issues without the right platform to ensure speed, accuracy and security on an ongoing basis. Guaranteeing their customers continuously receive best-in-class services and products, Systemware’s Content Cloud 6.3 provides support for separate retention of individual sections within a large print run, improved metadata handling for a drastically faster and more efficient Find Engine and dynamic data masking of content and metadata.

“For Systemware, security is always priority number one. Over the past several years, the news has reported a series of high-profile data breaches that have elevated concerns of companies and their customers alike,” said David Basso, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Systemware. “Due to these breaches, many government entities have instituted new regulations such as Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). With the 6.3 update, the ability to provide multi-level data masking abilities, and the retention of individual sections within larger content reports will help companies stay up to date with the latest in security procedures and governmental regulations. This ensures continued customer success and compliance, all at incredibly fast speeds.”

Systemware’s Content Cloud 6.3 dynamic data masking of content and metadata benefits include:

  • Dynamically mask sensitive customer data contained within customer content, allowing only approved users to view personal information such as credit card numbers or HIPPA-protected information
  • Data masking rules and policies can be set based on user, group, or role, providing multiple levels of metadata access
  • Dynamically mask sensitive metadata that is output from Content Cloud to user interfaces or other content apps, delivering increased security

One capability that makes Content Cloud a powerful solution for transactional use cases is its ability to store a complete print run as a single file and dynamically segment and transform the content in a variety of ways on demand—providing flexibility of use and eliminating the need to store multiple copies of logos and fonts. With Content Cloud 6.3, organizations can now remove a specific section of a larger report without deleting the entire file—which may contain information about millions of customers. This capability, combined with Systemware’s robust indexing, provides organizations a way to comply with new customer privacy regulations concerning the “right to be forgotten” without losing the tremendous storage savings and other benefits that Content Cloud provides.


The event-based retention of an individual section within a larger report in Content Cloud 6.3 provides the ability to:

  • Set retention rules around an individual section, such as a single customer statement or branch inventory report within a larger report
  • Remove a section associated with a specific customer, branch, etc. without needing to delete the other sections within the original report
  • Store a single version of common resources like logos and fonts, offering a significant reduction in storage costs
  • Re-assemble the rest of the original file without a deleted segment

“Our customers store a tremendous amount of sensitive customer data such as social security and credit card numbers, and our goal is to ensure compliance, resiliency and of course, speed,” said Pat Sheehan, Vice President of Development at Systemware. “Content Cloud allows users to find exactly the content they need and have the content delivered exactly where and how they need it.”

As Systemware’s customers have found new ways to get value out of their content through indexing, the amount of stored metadata has grown as well. This gives rise to a problem of “big metadata,” an issue where the metadata becomes difficult to store and search through using a traditional relational database. Systemware customers have requested ways to improve the efficiency of metadata storage and search, particularly for older, archived content. They needed Content Cloud’s metadata handling to be even faster and more efficient than it already is. In Content Cloud 6.3, an enhancement to the Find Engine provides dynamic improvement to the way metadata is processed and handled.

Updated Find Engine provides customers with the ability to:

  • Use indexes for metadata tagging to quickly and accurately locate specific sections of content within large files such as high volume outputs and transactional reports
  • Distributed metadata processing using a MapReduce approach drastically improves retrieval speeds
  • Business Indexing provides the ability to search specific metadata such as account numbers across multiple documents and content repositories throughout the enterprise
  • Improved metadata management, including storage size, encryption, and more, with speeds equal to or better than a relational database

“Through listening to many of our longtime users of Systemware’s software, we took in all of their feedback on ways we can improve the user experience and the quality of our product,” said Frankie Basso, President and Chief Operations Officer.  “Our users commit to Systemware software because we strive to make it the best out there, and that’s even more evident in the Content Cloud 6.3 update than ever before.”

To learn more about Systemware and their content services platform visit www.systemware.com.



Systemware has been a pioneer in enterprise content management for nearly 40 years, helping the world’s largest and most highly regulated organizations capture content from a variety of business systems, find it wherever it is stored and deliver it in the context needed for each business line. Their content services platform, Content Cloud, helps organizations modernize their content management, interoperate with a range of repositories and systems, automate their processes, personalize their experience, and enable their content for business intelligence. Systemware is committed to ensuring organizations meet information governance requirements in a manner that optimizes cost and complexity, while providing a tailored experience for users. Learn more at www.systemware.com. Friend them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram @systemware_inc and Twitter @systemware.