Systemware integration iconSystemware has announced the latest release of Content Integrator, our platform for developing content-centric applications. Version 4.12 includes a new Enterprise Index feature, APF performance enhancements, as well additions to Content Navigator, Records Manager and the Content Cloud Operations Monitor.

Enterprise Index allows users to easily find the information they need by searching across multiple index variables, values and content servers.  Combining the power of topics with the simplicity of the global index, the EIX provides topic index capabilities but is simple to configure and utilizes a standard, generic query builder interface.

The new AFP Resource Version Manager delivers drastically faster delivery times for online retrieval of PDF documents created from the original AFP print stream. AFP resources are automatically managed in a shared environment, reducing the payload from the Content Server and improving AFP to PDF transform performance.  ARVM manages single-instance storage, and the resource library is shared among multiple nodes. Both of these features greatly reduce overall storage requirements.

Content Navigator, User Interface, and Viewer Enhancements

Numerous new features and enhancements have been added to the Content Navigator, its user interface and the Viewer. These include:

  • A simplified Find Text interface
  • The ability to add notes directly onto text and image documents
  • Batch-query capability
  • The ability to overlay green bar on text reports for legibility has been restored
  • The ability to create a broadcast mechanism to deliver messages to selected users when they log in to Systemware
  • Configuration by users of a home page and time zone
  • Import and export capability for extraction templates
  • Import capability for favorites
  • A configurable information button beside input fields to provide contextual help.

Improvements to Records Manager

Systemware Records Manager, which safeguards and manages important documents and vital records, has been enhanced in several respects:

Customer and Account Records. You can now link records to an account or customer and utilize our intuitive user interface to access all the records for a given account or customer. Record disposition can be controlled by events related to changes in account or customer status.

SharePoint Integration. SharePoint users see a custom menu action on library documents that allows them to select any document in the library and declare it a record.

Auto-Declaration of Records. Records managers can define auto-declaration rules that will automatically create records from documents or statements in other Systemware applications. The auto-declaration agent will search for items based on configurable criteria and create records in the appropriate category and type.

Scheduled Reports. Records managers can schedule reports to be generated on periodic basis through an easy-to-use interface.

Features Added to Content Cloud Operations Monitor

Powerful new features have been added to the Content Cloud Operations Monitor, providing more pro-active monitoring of the entire integrated content network. These include:

  • A nodes view for displaying a subset of nodes in a Content Cloud network
  • A multinode measurement configuration
  • A zooming function in the nodes graphical presentation area
  • Numerous interface enhancements designed to improve usability
  • Auto-refreshing charts for selected measurement data.