bankImplementing a new content archive strategy is a massive undertaking when the company is one of the nation’s largest corporations with petabytes of data, tens of millions of customers, and operations in dozens of countries around the world. But Systemware is no stranger to big challenges, and we proved it by helping this major bank realize significant savings through content compression.

The process began in early 2011, as the bank launched an effort to reduce costs and simplify its environments while meeting its significant demands related to compliance and regulation.  It also wanted the ability to meet high-performance demand and improve resiliency, doing so with minimal impact on customers.

Systemware’s was one of four vendor solutions analyzed, but because our technology had proved its worth in meeting high customer demands, it was the benchmark for that analysis. The evaluation focused heavily on resiliency with extensive disaster recovery testing. By Q3, the bank decided to move forward with Systemware pending a successful proof of concept.

This proof of concept leveraged Systemware Content Store with its impressive compression capabilities and yielded excellent results, including compression rates in excess of 70 percent across all content types.  The pilot confirmed that the combination of compression and reductions in mainframe storage requirements would cut overall storage.  Following the completion of this lengthy pilot, the Systemware solution was implemented and went live in late 2013.

The bank partnered with Systemware because of the following:

Performance. The ability to meet current and future demands for stability as well as performance.

Cost reduction. Two-year storage costs were 46 percent lower.

Improved resiliency. Systemware offered a clustered environment across two production data centers, which allowed for component failures at one data center and full recovery in the other.

Compliance and regulatory considerations. The benchmark environment was not designed to capture information such as country of origin, but we provided several solutions to resolve this.

Simplification of envionments. We offered single solutions to replace desktop and intranet services software with Content Navigator. This pared several capture and retrieval solutions into a single solution, and allowed the bank to pare more than 50 project-based licenses into a single license.

This bank chose Systemware for several reasons: our overall approach that focuses on results achieved over the long term, Content Store and the cost savings it creates, and, our ability to help ensure resiliency. An executive with the bank told us the system simply must be available at all times and that he has never been so confident that it will be.