How a world leading financial institution streamlined compliance with a connected content ecosystem

Systemware Banking Case Study - Why One of the Largest Financial Institutions Chose Systemware

One of the largest financial institutions in the world was laboring under staggering ECM demands in its efforts to capture, access, and deploy critical business information for its nearly 60 million customers.

One of the world’s largest and most respected financial institutions with nearly 60 million customers and over $3 trillion in assets found itself challenged by its own success. Having grown organically and expanded via multiple acquisitions, the bank’s employees were struggling to manage, access, and deliver critical business information. This problem was starting to affect operations and regulatory compliance processes. They partnered with Systemware to accelerate and streamline the regulatory compliance process by creating a connected content ecosystem.

Systemware Content Cloud helped the bank mitigate risks for current and future compliance requirements as well as a 40% reduction in paper statements, significant improvement in customer service, and overall annual savings exceeding 10 million dollars.

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