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What are content services?

Content services, sometimes named microservices, are integrated into a product suite or function as separate applications but share common APIs and repositories. These content services exploit diverse content types and serve multiple constituencies and numerous use cases across an organization.

Why choose an intelligent content network over ECM?

Choosing an intelligent content network over ECM means you’re ready for today’s challenges and preparing for long-term secure solutions. The information management industry once consisted of ECM vendors who captured, stored, and managed content for companies. But development and adoption of evolving technologies at business and consumer levels has pushed information management into new territory: the digital ecosystem. Intelligent content networks have emerged to navigate complex digital ecosystems in place of simple ECM. Now, intelligent content networks finally let you address several business needs beyond content storage by putting your information to work for you. Communicate between systems in different locations, automate workflows, go beyond firewalls while staying compliant, and maintain your competitive edge with an intelligent content network.

How does an intelligent content network transform information management?

Intelligent content networks transform Information management by engaging information, taking it from storage to motion. Organizations used to just store and manage information, but now, with intelligent content networks, you can send information on automated digital journeys to complete tasks itself. While your information remains secure and accessible wherever it is, it can be delivered to users who need it when they need it and reveal new value to related information. The content network manages information beyond firewalls, carrying out secure transactions between your partners, other systems, and things that produce more information. With an intelligent content network, you don’t just manage information, you interact with it.

What does information management do for business?

Your organization produces information from multiple sources on a regular basis. Without information management, you’d be drowning in content of all varieties. Don’t let the name mislead you, though. Information management systems should do more than just manage. Getting your information to those who need it is standard for an information management system, but some, like intelligent content networks, do much more to make your job simpler and business more agile. Automate workflows, interact with partners by transcending firewalls securely, simplify governance, and more with an intelligent content network behind your business’s information management.

How does an intelligent content network help govern information?

Intelligent content networks go where users can’t, transcending firewalls to curate information in the context of specific tasks and tracking every move within their digital ecosystems. That means you’ll be ready to answer any questions about how you handle information in your digital ecosystem. With an intelligent content network like Content Cloud, you will also receive notifications when a user or automated workflow attempts to violate security permissions. In short: better oversight, enhanced security, and constant audit tracking.

Why do I need an information management solution? What can it do for me?

Until now, traditional ECM seemed like enough to handle information: capture, store, and search for what you needed. But here’s what you’ve been missing with typical ECM: individualized, simpler ways of doing your job through automation and unprecedented control over information you use; system and application interoperation for complete access to all your information wherever it is; letting your digital ecosystem run itself regardless of conditions in your ecosystem; and visualizing the state of your work with analytics. Using an intelligent content network as your information management solution keeps you competitive by showing you the value of your information, and using it to help you do your job and make smarter business decisions.

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