Safe information storage is one thing.
Content Cloud storage is something else entirely.

The need for safe storage in information management goes without saying.
But how Content Cloud secures your content is something you’ll want to shout from the rooftops.

No matter the duration, location, or hardware you need for storage, Systemware utilizes a dynamic policy to retain your information. We capture, classify, store, manage, and provide final disposition of any type of physical and electronic records…and we do mean any. As Content Cloud searches servers, it creates topic instances for content, so there’s nothing left behind. In one intuitive application, you can record, classify, store, and manage information. Bid farewell to your documents, email, scanned images, text messages—any type of physical and electronic information.

Then, find and send what’s needed in subseconds. Organize files, folders, documents, and retention schedules in one file plan with audit tracking for all information and users to make governing storage and management for the entire content lifecycle simpler. Content Cloud also automatically clean things up in your server space with retention criteria to delete or retire outdated content.

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