AIIM, the Association for Intelligent Information Management, has released their 2019 State of the Industry for Content Services report. This e-Book, written in partnership with Systemware, highlights the results of a recent survey taken among professionals representing various industries such as Technology, Finance and Government. The survey focused on key Content Services topics regarding digital transformation and intelligent information management within organizations. Core areas of interest included Information Technology, lines of business, and records management, among others.

From the report:

79% of organizations realize that they must transform into a true digital business in order to survive.

“Every organization is on — or should be on — a Digital Transformation journey. At the heart of this Transformation journey is the drive toward 1) understanding, anticipating, and redefining internal and external customer experiences. This primary driver depends on other key transformative aspirations such as 2) business agility/innovation, 3) operational excellence, and 4) automated compliance/governance”

The report dives into these topics and provides valuable feedback on questions such as:

  • What kind of critical information management problems are users trying to solve with Content Services?
  • How is automation revolutionizing user expectations about records management and information governance?
  • How are the spending patterns for Content Services changing and evolving?

In addition, included in the report is a useful info-graphic containing “10 Things you need to know about Content Services”, for example:

Over 50% of organizations see automation of compliance and governance as “highly important” or “a deal changer,” but for 70% of them, key governance processes remain less than 50% automated.

Want to read more about the current state of Content Services?

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