This is what stress-free information management feels like.

You’ve probably got a lot of security concerns at any moment, right?

Keeping archives secure, transmitting and storing sensitive information while various levels of employees access it all, power outages, natural disasters, data breaches, network upgrades, and (the worst of all) moving locations …seems like one solution just won’t cut it for everything you’ve got to worry about. You’d be right, but we’re talking about Content Cloud here!

Content Cloud is an intelligent content network made up of secure distributed and/or centralized servers.Collect, index, store, and retrieve your content securely (even from legacy systems), and replicate it all to other Systemware cloud servers whether you’re preparing for a disaster or updating your information management systems. Share the work with content itself: tell it to compress, encrypt, and where to store itself.

Content Cloud lets you configure security across all content and between nodes. Control who sees what information and how they interact with it via group filters and role permissions from a single point of security administration. Through our secure, intelligent content network, you can automate sensitive information to be sent to the right person or group without worry. Even content stored in legacy products is safe—Content Cloud interoperates securely with public, private, or on-site infrastructure and third-party applications.

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