Your business is about to make a new best friend.

If you’re in retail, you already know what it takes to manage a lot of stuff. That gets tougher when the stuff is or needs to be digital. Content Cloud lets you worry about getting your goods off the floor while we get your content into our intelligent content network.

From supply chain management to sales trends to retail regulation, Content Cloud takes care of business and shows you new ways of growing yours.

  1. Built for Big

    Content Cloud can handle a lot of information and is built for scalability. Whether you’re big now or plan to be, we can handle all of your content in any format.

  2. From the Start

    Content Cloud has your content the moment it’s produced and employs object-oriented indexing, so you can find even the smallest bit of information.

  3. Keep in Touch

    Our retail communication apps help you stay responsive and give customers what they asked for.

  4. We Got It

    Systemware can upload anything already in a portal with API integration so you have all your ducks in a row (especially helpful for duck stores).

  5. Keep It Clean

    Stay compliant with government regulations through secure storage and complete records of who did what when for audits.

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