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Safety Through Infrastructure Resiliency

Content Cloud provides a secure and compliant foundation that gives corporations the assurance of infrastructure resiliency.

Systemware’s Content Cloud manages billions of documents and petabytes of data without compromising performance, security, regulatory requirements or business continuity.  IT teams have the task of doing more with less all while making information more available than ever, Systemware’s scalable platform is a design that can help.

Systemware’s Content Cloud delivers resiliency through the automatic replication of information across nodes that are capable of active failover in the event of a disruption.  The solution helps meet your business continuity requirements by ensuring high availability to your information as well as cost-effective disaster recovery.

We were looking for a vendor that shares our view of business relationships as partnerships. Systemware’s solution evolves with us while integrating seamlessly with our other systems, making us a better partner to our members.

Yung Tran - Executive Vice President at UFCU, University Federal Credit Union (UFCU)

Scalable Foundation for Content

Content Cloud creates a scalable, secure and compliant foundation, providing the infrastructure resiliency required for business today. With Content Cloud, billions of documents and petabytes of data can be stored and managed without compromising performance or security. This intelligent content network is built upon a foundation of more than 30 years of managing content for some of the nation’s largest companies.

Platform Flexibility

Functional components within a Content Cloud implementation can run on different platforms and in different geographic regions. Work can be isolated to different areas and can run where it makes the most sense.


Systemware maximizes throughput and accessibility by eliminating data bottlenecks through multithreaded module design and distributed functional components. Workload is distributed across various nodes in the Content Cloud, maximizing throughput, minimizing access time and protecting against overload of any node in the intelligent content network.

Scale Out or Up

As a business changes and grows, so must its content storage solution. Content Cloud allows corporations to scale horizontally by adding additional nodes to their content network as well as scaling vertically because all functions are processed concurrently and multiple parallel paths for ingestion can be added to any single node.

Business Continuity

Our design goes beyond costly Disaster Recovery.  Systemware Content Cloud provides automatic replication of content across all nodes. In the event of a disaster or other failover event, Systemware automatically switches to an available Content Cloud node. That means continuous availability for much less money than traditional DR systems.

Rapid Replication

Systemware automatically replicates all content to another node. So should something happen to a primary Content Cloud you will seamlessly be switched to a secondary node, allowing continuous access to all content.

Active Failover

Systemware provides active/hot failover to a secondary node automatically. When appropriate, there is failback to the primary node or nodes. With system and content level replication, Content Cloud ensures uninterrupted operations and access, even in the event of a failure.

Disaster Recovery

As content is created, it is being replicated throughout the content network. This means that should something happen to the primary content node, you can quickly and easily access all of your content.

Information Security

There is nothing more important than protecting critical corporate content. Systemware takes security seriously providing complete lifecycle management for all enterprise information and records.

Content Encryption

With our selective encryption capabilities, content can be encrypted at the document or report level. Encryption is applied when content is both in motion and at rest, providing assurance and content security.

Common Security

Content Cloud is integrated with external security systems for access rights, and role-based access is defined from a common location for all nodes. Common security rules for all nodes as well as centralized system operations, management and configuration reduce the complexity of administration.

Activity Audits

Administrators need visibility into system performance and activities. Systemware provides both system monitor capabilities and comprehensive audit trails for every action or activity that occurs within the Content Cloud.

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