Document Workflow That Gives Context to Content

What you want, you get – what you don’t know, you will.


So you’ve captured, organized and archived your documents — now what? To effectively incorporate this important information into your flow of business, you’ll need a system that can automatically direct content to the right place at the right time. Systemware’s document-centric workflow software delivers.

Systemware ensures that documents and content are sent directly to the appropriate person for immediate attention. Particularly adept at administrative processes and routing of documents for approval and review, Systemware speeds the flow of information and improves productivity by reducing overall workload and freeing staff from time-consuming manual processes.

Workflows Designed for How You Work

To maximize your ability to route, process and – most importantly – complete tasks within a department or across your enterprise, you need to design workflows that support the way you work. Systemware Workflow Designer, with a graphical designer and a rich programming capability, makes robust workflow automation easy.

Drag & Drop

The graphical modeler allows you to create, manage and modify workflows quickly and easily.

Document Workflow Monitoring

Systemware gives you the ability to monitor the status of documents throughout the workflow.

Work Across Systems

Systemware workflow capabilities allow for easy integration with existing business applications and other technologies.

A Streamlined Flow of Documents

Driving efficiencies has never been more important. Using Systemware’s workflow capabilities, important business documents and content can be sent automatically to the appropriate people for immediate attention. Routing documents for approval, review or signatures, allows you to improve productivity, simplify tasks and speed processing time.

Automatic Notifications

Systemware notifies you about missing information and highlights specific content and the required signatures.

Configurable Properties

Use the Workflow Designer to set document-based configurable parameters to further automate the flow and routing of documents and content to end-users and other systems.

Alerts & Notifications

Set up and manage privileges, rules and alarms across the solution.

Routing, Control, & Support

By automatically processing and delivering information directly to the user’s desktop, Systemware speeds execution, reduces overall workload, and frees staff from non-value-add activities. So instead of wasting time searching for paper documents and important information, documents and other relevant content, they are free to focus on their task at hand.

Powerful Routing

End-users get direct access to documents and key information, which is sent to their desktops for immediate attention.

Access Controls

Systemware grants access to documents, content and segments of content based on users’ specific rights and roles.

Compliance Support

The system generates a detailed, time-stamped log of all users’ access and activity within the system that includes reference to the content accessed.

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