Content Cloud 7.1 provides industry-leading content services for Public, Private, Hybrid, or Fully Hosted Cloud Deployments

DALLAS, Texas, May 13, 2020 — Systemware, Inc., an industry pioneer in enterprise content management, has announced the release and availability of Content Cloud 7.1. Content Cloud is an innovative content services platform that intelligently manages critical business information for many of the world’s largest organizations. This latest update to Content Cloud includes new containerized and scripted deployment options, multifactor authentication, and personalized multilingual UI options. In addition, simplified scaling capabilities utilizing nodesets enable organizations to deploy Content Cloud seamlessly in external cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, and more. Content Cloud 7.1 delivers optimized performance in public, private, or hybrid cloud environments, as well as a fully hosted SaaS offering.

“From our beginning, Systemware has always been about providing our customers with powerful yet flexible software,” says Pat Sheehan, Vice President of Development at Systemware. “Content Cloud 7.1 expands on this flexibility, allowing our customers to have the exact amount of processing power they need, right when they need it. New nodes can deploy in a matter of minutes, satisfying processing needs while offering increased horizontal scalability for better redundancy and failover.”

The underlying architecture for Systemware Content Cloud 7.1 has been enhanced from the ground up, offering support for Docker containers using the open-source Kubernetes orchestration platform. “By including support for Docker containers and scripted implementation, Systemware Content Cloud 7.1 offers a rapidly scalable infrastructure that is built and optimized for cloud deployments,” explains David Basso, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Systemware. “Content Cloud 7.1 offers industry-leading content indexing, search, and management capabilities in a way that is easier to implement and scale while offering the security and customization options that our customers expect.”

As part of a full suite of security capabilities, Content Cloud 7.1 includes support for TLS encrypted communication between all nodes to support a growing and ever-changing regulatory compliance landscape. Systemware’s advanced compliance features provide secure encryption for content while in transit and at-rest, data masking for access and display of sensitive information, event-based retention, and a wide range of robust user and group administration capabilities.

“The amount of data organizations manage is increasing exponentially, while new regulations such as GDPR and the California Consumer Protection Act require them to quickly locate, retrieve and remove specific elements of data within these massive datasets,” says Frankie Basso, President and Chief Operating Officer at Systemware. “With Content Cloud 7.1, administrators can deploy systems that can address these rapidly changing content management needs, whether they are deploying in the public cloud, in their own data centers, or any combination thereof.”

For more information about Content Cloud 7.1, contact Systemware to speak with a content services expert at 866.533.1514

About Systemware
Systemware has been helping organizations of all industry sectors efficiently find, extract, and deliver information for almost 40 years. Systemware’s intelligent content services platform, Content Cloud, helps organizations modernize their content management systems, connect disparate repositories, streamline processes, and enable content for business intelligence. Systemware is committed to ensuring organizations meet information governance requirements in a manner that optimizes cost and complexity while providing a tailored experience for users.