Systemware has just released a new video on Systemware Content Cloud, our new approach to content storage and access that has already saved Fortune 100 companies hundreds of millions of dollars by delivering infrastructure resiliency, optimized access and deployment flexibility.

(To see the video, go to our homepage or click on the arrow in the image.)

“We’re pleased to introduce you to the Content Cloud, a revolutionary advancement in content storage and availability,” the video says. The video goes on to describe how this private-cloud solution is deployed on-premises, and how it delivers and savings through mainframe optimization, safety through infrastructure resiliency, and speed through optimized accessibility.

“Systemware’s Content Cloud provides you with a fully integrated system that not only solves the majority of your content management problems but does so at a small fraction of the cost of anything previously available.”

Be sure and check out the video. And to learn more, contact us by email or call us at 972-239-0200.