In a typical day, there are several likely places you have found workarounds. You know which route to work has the least amount of gridlock, and which office printer is low on toner – in both cases, you seek a better way, or grumble and adjust. The less desired path to achieving a higher level of personal convenience would work fine with no real consequences other than being slightly annoyed.

But what if your workaround involved something more critical? For example, the handling of your company’s most valued asset – information. The stakes are high when it comes to managing data. Risks increase when relying on antiquated systems that require intervention (or workarounds) to function properly or to maintain compliance. Aside from the obvious ethical concerns of mishandling your client’s sensitive information (which are huge), there are federal laws and regulations that govern data protection which come with very stiff consequences for failure to comply.

A path forward

Modernization is a logical approach for organizations to migrate and convert data to new platforms. Data migration is the moving of data from one place to another while data conversion involves transforming (or translating) data from one format to another. Data conversion is a common industry practice when organizations choose a new enterprise content management solutions provider so the existing data can be properly accessed and used by a different computer, operating system, or program. Both migration and conversion can be a scary endeavor for any organization. In addition to cost concerns, there are the potential risks of data loss and negative impacts on your customers during the process. A lot can go wrong without a solid, intelligent strategy when converting or moving data to a new hardware or software environment. Finding a partnership with a proven record of providing comprehensive, end-to-end expertise is a critical component to the success of your project.

Experience matters

At Systemware, we have built our reputation and business on helping organizations in all industries successfully convert and migrate massive amounts of data. Systemware has been a pioneer in enterprise content management for nearly forty years. We help some of the world’s largest and most highly regulated organizations capture content from a variety of business systems. Our proprietary conversion process — LAP, or Legacy Archive Processor, easily converts data archived in legacy format or stored in legacy repositories. The information is then quickly accessed in the same manner as documents archived by Systemware’s own content management system. Our conversion experts are skilled at converting companies from other solution providers, for example, ASG Mobius Infopac® on the mainframe and ASG Mobius ViewDirect for Networks®. Systemware’s proficiency, combined with our robust proprietary tools and software utility programs and processes, gives us the knowledge to quickly and effectively manage conversion and migration projects with minimal impact to your customers.

Actions speak loudly – Case Study

Systemware’s customer care and problem-solving mindset were recently put to the test when the accounting group of a Fortune 500 Grocer needed help in a hurry to automate its payroll report extraction. The Grocer needed advanced search capabilities beyond the scope of their current provider. Our team of conversion experts provided the exact solution the Grocer needed with Systemware Content Cloud. The result – a reduction of year-end processing from 112 hours to three hours. To read the full case study, click here.

With our Legacy Archive Processor, you have personalized choices for your unique situation. For example, you can retire your other content management systems without moving your content with our proven LAP methodology designed to retain a reference to your legacy archive. There is no need to migrate all your content before converting to Systemware Content Cloud – it is entirely up to you. The result is transparency to your end-users, improved usability, and faster cost savings. Click here to read more about our conversion process from ASG Mobius.

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