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Around the world, corporations are on a quest to store, manage and distribute content across their infrastructures in more cost-effective ways. Systemware addresses this challenge with an approach that does not merely age content into less-expensive storage over time as its perceived value diminishes. Our capabilities enable the creation of a virtual repository that allows different applications and systems to use the same stored content in different ways, through a single user interface.

Systemware seamlessly connects with existing hardware and applications, allowing you to securely store all of your information in one central content repository. You can easily and securely manage and store content and records from creation to final disposition.

Security system integration and internally managed document segment access provide the highest level of safety and convenience. So, whether you’re concerned about regulatory compliance or adhering to internal policy, Systemware offers consistent retention and archiving schedules across all types of documents and content.

Our highly scalable, secure, and flexible architecture is used to manage billions of documents and petabytes of content.

How does that happen? Systemware’s robust integration capabilities enable the creation of a virtual repository that allows different applications and systems to use the same stored content in different ways, through a single user interface or a custom client application. All content remains in the original application or system, eliminating the need for costly point-to-point integration.

Systemware provides a truly open environment that makes it simple to integrate with existing applications and your IT infrastructure.

Secure Storage & Archive

Immediately upon collection, identification as a version of a defined document, and indexing, Systemware Content Server stores content for immediate access. The content definition, created by an administrator, controls version storage, archiving, security, and retention time for both online and archive access.

We Never Sleep

Systemware eliminates data bottlenecks through multithreaded and concurrent processes for capture, index, distribution, archive, and recall. This enables Systemware to support the high-volume requirements of 24/7 environments.

It’s Automatic

Systemware provides a fully automated archive and retrieval of all data stored in the Content Server. The archive process is triggered automatically, based on established migration parameters to leverage hardware and network resources.

Cross-Platform Capabilities

Systemware’s native support for z/Linux, Linux, Windows and z/OS servers enable a company to standardize on a single enterprise content management solution and provide access to key content regardless of platform.

Advances Archive for Microsoft Sharepoint

Systemware complements SharePoint with a comprehensive ECM solution for true records management storage. It archives documents and content from SharePoint based on timeframes, report versions, and manual declaration seamlessly and easily. Systemware also extends SharePoint’s ability to access important business information stored on a variety of platforms and in any number of existing ECM solutions.

Secure Enterprise Information

Systemware integrates easily with customer authentication technologies such as LDAP. Additionally Systemware provides a detailed, time-stamped log of all users’ access and activity within the system.

Powerful Compression & Replication

The expansion of business-critical information and rich content within enterprises are stressing legacy systems, Systemware solves this problem with compression and replication. With Systemware, any content, record or report archived in our solution can be moved to less-expensive online storage and compressed to consume up to 90% less space and can be tailored by file type and algorithm for maximum efficiencies. In addition to compression, content is automatically replicated across content stores, creating an active failover site for enterprise content.

Policy-based Compression

Systemware allows administrators to determine which content to compress and where to move it in the storage network. And when you access the compressed content, only the content or segment of content requested is uncompressed and delivered maximizing bandwidth.

Encoding & Replication Technology

Our solution allows the storage of any content, record or report archived to be replicated to a back-up environment for high availability and disaster recovery.

Active Failover

When an outage is detected, traffic is automatically re-routed to avoid interruption. This capability enables you to stay up and running – all while making the experience a seamless one for you and your users.

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