So…Do you sit down at your desk every Thursday afternoon and dig through systems within your organization, manage a huge excel spreadsheet week after week of numbers it took you 3 hours to gather, or do you send 30 emails a day trying to round up metrics to funnel to your team? These tasks don’t have to be manual. They don’t have to be the cat-herding task you dread. What if all you needed was a robust platform that can manage, process, and deliver it all in a workflow organized with simple tools and a network of knowledgeable professionals at your disposal?

According to Nitro, 50% of knowledge workers’ time is spent on creating and preparing documents.

CSPs, content services platforms, offer not only agile and elastic content ecosystems but also a strategy to overcome business-critical processes, content management solutions and microservices that make the platform perform custom to your organization.

Businesses are leaving so much potential on the table by not taking advantage of or modernizing to a content services platform that can take those menial tasks over. You might say “Well we tried that. It just doesn’t work the way providers say it is going to,” and that is an unfortunate reality in some cases. To have effective automation and workflow tools you need a platform that connects repositories, can provide context to your ever-growing volume of data, and have the agility to change as your business does. Sometimes it can be as simple as a dedicated service team to come in, look at your infrastructure, train, implement and execute on your specific needs. CSPs offer a content strategy and services to maximize your investment and plan for the future.

Data is growing. It isn’t going to stop. There will be more and more regulation put on it and businesses must be able to keep up. Gone are the days of a ‘set it and forget it’ mentality. You must employ systems that are reliable, agile, and efficient. Time is money after all.

According to Research and Markets, 42% of knowledge workers reported that paper-based workflows make their daily tasks less efficient, more costly and less productive.

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